Building a custom car requires a countless amount of imagination, time, patience, and money. Just ask anyone who’s built a lowrider and they’ll surely agree. Our cars are our passion, a part of our life, and ultimately a part of our lineage, but once they’ve been completed, there’s no better feeling except when it comes time to keeping them clean.

To do so, you’ll need to use the right cleaners and aftercare products. After decades of building and owning cars, I’ll be the first to let you know that this process can be a job by itself. I’ve used just about every technique, tried every product, and learned secrets from my fair share of award-winning detailers. Needless to say, technology always seems to change the way we do things, and for me personally, I don’t care about how much work is involved. I care about the end result and I want the best-looking paint and the cleanest chrome.

For decades, there have been “proven” methods and products that people use on the regular, and then there’s the fly-by-night products with cool packaging, slogans, and high-priced marketing campaigns. In light of that, we set out to create our own line of cleaners and wanted to make products that were built upon performance instead of hype. Our budgets were focused on the product and not the endorsement of musicians, and in the end we created our own special formulas, backed by science and approved by award-winning detailers. That said, we’re pleased to announce that our new car care products are easy to apply, easy to remove, and provide award-winning finishes that are concourse-show level clean.

Here’s a breakdown of the products that cater to the lowrider’s individual car care needs.

Extreme Car Wash

Give Your Classic the Body Wash it Deserves.

Lowrider’s Extreme Car Wash was designed to break down dirt and particulates, while keeping your clearcoat safe and intact. You see, many people make the mistake of using dishwashing soap and other cleaning products, but many of these cleaning agents actually clean your car so well that it slowly strips and deteriorates your clearcoat. With our product, they’re strong enough to take down the dirt, but gentle enough to keep your clearcoat safe.

How easy is it to use the Extreme Car Wash solution? It’s simple. You take a bucket of Extreme Car Wash solution mixed with water and once it’s lathered, you take a wash mitt or small cotton towel and wash it away. Extreme Car Wash penetrates and loosens tough dirt and grime gently, while removing oil and toxins without affecting the wax or any protective coatings that you worked hard to apply to your car’s finish.

– Rinse your car with water prior to soaping the vehicle down. This will help loosen bigger chunks of dirt while taking off the topcoat of dust and light dirt.
– Always use a wash mitt, a cotton towel, or a soft rag, which is free of labels, tags, and dirt. Before using them, make sure to rinse them off with water just to make sure there is no dirt attached that will scratch your vehicle.
– Once you’re done you can rinse the car from top to bottom. Remember, rinsing your vehicle starting from the top and moving to bottom prevents filling your rag or mitt with heavy dirt and grime from the lower sections of the vehicle that may cause scratches on the top part of your car.
– After each section, rinse the area clean of soap and dirt, and rinse the soap completely off the car. It’s a good idea to rinse the wash mitt or brush between every section, especially if the car is really dirty.
– After you’ve washed every section of the car, give it one more complete rinse and dry the entire body using a microfiber towel or a chamois to prevent water spots.
– If you use a towel, make sure it’s soft and clean because sometimes when you run a towel over your paint’s dry surface you can put fine scratches in it.

Extreme Wire Wheel Cleaner

Keep Your Laces Clean Without Wearing Down Your Your Fingers.

Cleaning wire wheels properly is a labor of love, which is why we created Lowrider Wire Wheel cleaner. This acid-free cleaner is powerful, yet safe on your wheels. Formulated with a special blend of cleaning agents, it gently, effectively cleans all wheels and it will not affect your chrome or any other coatings.

Carefully spray this Extreme Wire Wheel Cleaner on your rims and wait. After a few minutes you should see dirt, grime, and grease dissipating off your wheel. We also made sure to make this a fun task, which is why our Extreme Wire Wheel cleaner uses color-activated particles to help you see how it works. Once you spray it on, watch your wheels turn from green to purple, depending on the dirtiest parts. As a final precaution, we encourage owners to use a soft bristled brush on the corners to help get rid of grit and hard-to-remove brake dust.

– Clean your rims first. This will help remove any overspray that may have come into contact with your fenders or rocker panels.
– Thoroughly rinse your wheels. Once you’re done, make sure to remove all of the cleaning agents before you move on to the next wheel. This will help prevent the cleaning agent from drying up on your wheel.
– Do not clean your wheels when they’re hot. Cleaning wheels while they’re hot can be bad for the finish of your wheels or your brakes.
– Don’t be stingy. When it comes to applying wheel cleaner, the more the merrier. Remember, your wire wheels are interlaced and an excessive use of this product is better than using too little.

Liquid Wax

The Ultimate Wax, Sealer, and Glaze in One Bottle.

This is the one that’s second to none! Wonder how car owners get that deep luster and protection on their rides? The Lowrider Liquid Carnauba Wax will give you exactly that. The good part is that this formula has been specifically formulated for all paints including custom flake, candy, and pearl paintjobs. The wax comes complete with wax, sealer, and glaze, and it’s perfect for that original showroom paint all the way to the patterned-out customs.

Shake the bottle well and pour it on a soft, damp rag or microfiber towel. Apply to your vehicle with thin coats, wait for it to dry, and wipe it off. This high-gloss product was invented and perfected for all Lowrider owners whose custom paintjobs are different from other industry-standard paintjobs. As you apply, you can’t deny! You will witness deeper, darker, and richer tones in your paint’s finish and feel. Once you step back we’re positive that you’ll say goodbye to all other brands.

– Always be sure to apply Liquid Wax or any wax products when your vehicle is out of direct sunlight.
– Do not apply liquid wax to black rubber moldings and be careful around the edges of trim and moldings. This will prevent the tedious task of having to pick off excess wax stuck in grooves.
– Always apply thinner coats and don’t be afraid to apply more once you’ve wiped off each coat. Some people think applying a thicker coat is better, but it’s not. You want the coats to be thin so it’s easy to remove. This is the one time where more is not better.

High Gloss Tire Gel

That 5.20 Satin Tire Look. We Call this the “Icing on the Cake.”

When applied, Lowrider Tire Gel contains a hydrating formula that penetrates the tire’s surface and revitalizes the rubber. This gel has micro silicones that are specially engineered to achieve a rich, high gloss, and wet car show look. Make sure your tires are washed clean so not to waste this product. This is another Lowrider product that is formulated specifically for the high-gloss look that lowriders demand from their 13- and 14-inch tires!

Just pour this product on to a sponge and massage it onto your tires. Remember to move your ride forward after you apply the dressing so that you catch the lower parts that were hard to reach. There will be no sling on your wheelwells, fenders, or paint surface. Revitalizes old and faded tires right before your eyes and with less waste from spray-bottle applications.

– Put on thick if you want to look slick: Some people like to apply tire gel and then immediately wipe it down.
– We suggest applying the tire gel on thick, letting it sit for a few minutes so it can be absorbed into the sidewalls, and then wipe off any excess. This will give you a richer and much longer-lasting luster.

All-Purpose Cleaner

The Cleansing of Your Car’s Soul.

Are you in need of an all-in-one cleaner? Then look no further. The Lowrider All-Purpose Cleaner can handle all those exclusive jobs in one bottle. You can even use it for your prewash exterior treatment to clean heavily soiled surfaces. It also removes insect residue, grease, oil, and general road grime quickly and effectively from glass, paintwork, and plastics. This is a great cleaner for wheelwells, doorjambs, kick plates, and it’s strong enough to use in engine bays as well. You can use a sponge, brush, or cloth to loosen up the dirty area. All-Purpose removes even the most stubborn stains from your interior’s cloth seats, fabric, carpet, and plastic surfaces. You can also spray a certain soiled area, let it soak for a few minutes, and then rub it out with a brush or cloth.

– Do not use in direct sunlight or on hot surfaces.
– Do not allow the all-purpose cleaner to dry.

Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner

Things are Crystal Clear Now.

Most cars out there fly their plaques, but if you look closely you’ll always seem to find streaks and handprints on the windshields or side windows. As with most usual cleaners, it almost seems as if it gets worse as you wipe it down more. With each additional stroke comes a ghost-white film, but not with our cleaner. Lowrider Crystal Clear Glass Cleaner is the most effective, streak-free cleaner for all windshields, glass, headlights, and mirrors. It is guaranteed to be the best glass-cleaning product on the market without streaks or smudges. It’s suitable for home use as well, so hide it in your trunk or make sure you get two bottles.

– Always use a lint-free towel or microfiber cloth to dry and wipe clean.
– For the best results, always turn the cloth over to the dry side and wipe off the last of the streaks caused by hand-motion cleaning glares.
– Don’t clean your windows when hot or directly in the sun – it’s a waste of time.

The Perfect Shine

The Only Detailer Wax that You Can Apply While You’re in Line at a Show.

Lowrider Perfect Shine is a detail wax formulated with great quality that can be used in the direct sun or shade. Just apply it sparingly on a damp cloth, sponge, or microfiber cloth. When you are in dire straights and need that quick, high-gloss look in no time, then this is the all-weather protective wax product you should use. Perfect Shine has no substitute on the shelves when it comes to quickly enhancing a vehicle’s appearance in a few minutes, even while you get a tan.

Finally, Lowrider-brand ultimate car-care products worthy of the lowrider enthusiast. Instill the “Pride In Your Ride.” Call (844) 720-2700 or visit to learn more.

Axalta Paint Tip of the Month
By Axalta Coatings Systems

Maintain Your Maintenance

From collision to custom painting you must always maintain quality in your paintjob finishes. We all know this, but there are times we ignore simple instructions we must follow that show a little responsibility and patience. This monthly paint tip is in regard to your equipment maintenance. Most of all the problems paint shops present to an Axalta paint representative during a shop visit end up with easy answers and alternatives. We have found many a time, that most shops lack scheduled filter replacements. (1) You must regularly replace all booth filters to ensure you have the right airflow. (2) You must always maintain a clean spray gun daily to achieve the right transfer efficiency. (3) Another must is for you to change out your pre-filters between the compressor and the spray booth; this will prevent you from getting fish eyes that are caused by water or oil that is seeping through the compressor and then onto your filters. (4) While speaking about your compressors, make sure you constantly keep up the maintenance and demands of your compressor’s needs (oil/fan belts) so that it runs efficiently, effectively, and performs with quality from start to finish. These simple tech “maintenance” tips along with the right paint products from Axalta will make you the pro painter you really are! For more technical advice please feel free to contact Steven Chaparro at