Makeup Artist: Nina Arce @NinasMakeUp
Hair Stylist: Nina Arce @NinasMakeUp

Ever try Bakina Baklava? If not, then just know that you’re missing out on a brilliantly sweet Serbian dessert—but since we’re not a food blog, who cares? On the flipside, if you don’t recognize our featured model, then you must have just crawled out from under a rock and you’re definitely missing out!

Una is a Serbian model who moved to the States over a decade ago and all she packed was a suitcase and a dream. Armed with positive energy, heart, and passion, she’s a firm believer that the world gives back according to what we put into it. Aside from her stunning looks, she’s a spiritual being who has an appreciation for old-school values, and her positive vibes are contagious and a manifestation of who she is as a person.

As our shoot came to a close, I asked her a few personal questions. So read on because you just may be lucky enough to land yourself a date!

Describe your perfect guy?

I would have to say someone who is caring and sincere. Those qualities are big for me and I believe that a guy has to be in tune with himself. I am also a firm believer that if a man doesn’t know who he is, then he will never benefit me emotionally so he has to be spiritually in tune with himself if he has a chance at understanding who I am.

How does spirituality affect your dating life?

My close friends will tell you that I’m the weirdest person ever. I pick up on the vibe and energy a guy emits so even if you’re the hottest guy but have low energy or negative vibes then you don’t stand a chance of landing a date.

With nearly a half million followers, how does a guy stand out and grab your attention?

Persistence. Some girls find it irritating but I think it’s very attractive. When a man knows what he wants and doesn’t stop until he gets it, it’s a definite turn on.

What’s the difference between persistence and stalking?

Don’t judge me now, but a certain level of stalking is sexy to me [laughing]. Now, let me make this very clear. It only works if I’m somewhat into you. If I give you the red light, then stop, I’m not interested! Only proceed if I give you a green light or even a yellow light because with enough charm and persistence you just may be able to turn that into a green one [more laughter].

It sounds like you can play hard to get. Am I right?

I don’t play hard to get, I am hard to get. At the end of the day I am a very blunt person. I tell it like it is and if I am not interested you’ll know because I’ll tell you straight up.


Los Angeles, CA