Mesmerized. Simply mesmerized.

I know. I know. Once her images popped up on the screen, your first order of importance was to clear the room and make sure no one was around. So now that you’ve just finished staring aimlessly at her photos—and wiped the drool off your mouth—it’s time to get back to reality. That said, Siamone Lauryn isn’t your run-of-the-mill model. She’s got ambition, she’s got drive, and she knows all too well that the only person she can count on is herself.

Raised in Pasadena, California, Siamone moved to New Orleans a few years back to complete her studies. And while she’s some 1,800 miles away from home, deep down inside she’s still a SoCal girl with big plans on moving back and starting a family. But prior to doing so, Siamone has set out to complete what she’s started. A tastemaker and influencer in her own right, she has set out to start her own brand and while dating has become secondary to success, she still offered us a little road map as to how one could approach her. So read on and try your luck.

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LRG: So, no kids yet?

Oh no, no, no! If a man comes into my life and everything falls into place then yeah, but right now I’m only focused on building my brand and being an independent woman who doesn’t need a man.

LRG: So you’re single?

Yes. I date occasionally, but nothing serious enough to mention.

LRG: Describe you preference in men.

I don’t have a specific type of guy. I’ve dated big guys and short guys, so I would say that looks don’t mean as much as personality. If you’re attracted to the personality then looks aren’t as important.

LRG: How can a guy get your attention?

I like to think that I’m old school when it comes to this and someone sending me roses and a dress and asking me to be ready by a certain time is a great way to get my attention. I think that in this day and age, a lot of women are chasing after men and that’s OK but I think we need to be a little harder to get and they need to fight for our attention.

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LRG: What’s a perfect date?

You’re going to have to take me out, I’m not just going to go over and chill. You have to take me to a nice restaurant. It doesn’t have to be expensive but I am going to judge you if you take me to a cheap one. I don’t like going to the movies on the first date because I want to talk.

LRG: What is your biggest turn off?

Social media! There was a guy who messaged two of my closest friends and me within an hour. Really? You know we are going to talk about you and share the screen shots and go looking on your page. Most of the time you have to look at their friend’s page to find out more about them.

Want to find out more about Siamone? Follow her on the ‘gram @SimplySiamoneLauryn