We came across Saint T as she was modeling the Lowrider of the Year contender “Double Trouble” at the Denver Super Show and got a chance to capture a flew flicks and ask her a couple of questions.

LRM: When did you begin modeling?

Saint T: I started two years ago at a car show in Wilmington. I was there modeling a clothing line and then I was pulled on stage, which really helped me.

LRM: We met a year ago when your modeling career was starting to gain traction but now I can’t see a flyer without you in it, when did the transition happen?

Saint T: I think my look is diverse because I model everything—lowriders, imports, trucks, and motorcycles—and having a personality where I can talk to everyone, and “the booty” also helps.

LRM: Yes, you are easily approachable and the booty does help. What is your favorite part of modeling?

Saint T: Traveling and meeting a lot of interesting people. I love some people’s stories and their background and the support they show.

Don’t forget that she will be out at the Las Vegas Convention Center September 9th modeling “Double Trouble,” so come out and meeting this beautiful young lady and don’t forget to follow her on Instagram @Saint_T