Jessica Burciaga and Kayla Collins are the perfect example of sugar and spice. These two ladies are definitely taking the industry by storm. Not only have they appeared in numerous magazines and television shows, but this dynamic duo recently scored a prominent spot in Playboy magazine. With that being said, we felt it necessary to have not one but two Playboy models grace the cover of Lowrider Girls magazine. So fellas, sit back, relax, and welcome to the world of sugar and spice.

About Jessica Burciaga
Miss Burciaga is a model who is not ashamed of the camera. Recently she was selected to be Playboy’s February 2009 Playmate of the Month. Jessica broke into show business after graduating from high school, beginning with being an extra in TV shows and music videos. While enrolled in junior college and sports broadcasting school in Huntington Beach, she worked at a Hooters restaurant in Anaheim, California. Her break came with a photo shoot for the now-defunct Stuff magazine in August 2005. Since then, this sexy brunette has been turning heads everywhere.

About Kayla Collins
This bodacious blonde is causing a whirlwind in the modeling industry. She was selected to be Miss August 2009 in Playboy, which is a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience. She is currently working on advancing her modeling career as well as hoping to someday host a television show and maybe get into acting as well. She has also appeared in numerous magazines, including Mini Truckin’, Quad, Super Street Bike, and Truckin’.

What has been the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received?
Kayla: I have yet to receive a Valentine’s Day gift that really blows me away. I think a guy would have to put a lot of thought into the gift. Like, instead of buying me something, do something nice for me. I’ve received the stereotypical gifts like flowers, chocolate, and jewelry too many times!

Jessica: I got a cute little puppy from my boyfriend, two dozen white roses–which are my favorite, I hate red roses–and a card that had two plane tickets leaving right away to Vegas. It was seriously the best time ever.

You hear that guys? Let’s get more creative for 2009 [laughing].What’s the sexiest thing you’ve ever done for a man?
Kayla: Well I knew it would be a while until I saw him again, because he lives in another state, so on the flight to visit him I wore a button down jacket with nothing but sexy lingerie underneath so that as soon as we were alone, I could rip off the jacket and show him what I had on underneath! He figured it out 20 minutes before we even got back to his place that I had something sexy on under the jacket!

Jessica: I never want my relationships to get boring or routine so I’m always doing something sexy or romantic to keep it interesting. First of all, you can never go wrong with cooking for a man. Men love food, so I like putting on cute little outfits and cooking, especially yummy desserts, and feeding it to him. Even giving him a lap dance is hot, or letting him watch me do sexy, kinky things to myself, but not letting him touch drives men crazy [laughing].

What is your guilty pleasure?
Kayla: I would have to say spa days and dark chocolate.

Jessica: I would have to say candy. I have a big sweet tooth.

Do you consider yourself to be a good or bad angel?
Kayla: I think I have a little bit of both in me! I am sweet and innocent–to an extent–but I think I could be considered a bad girl too. I would just call myself a good girl (or angel) with a little bit of edge!

Jessica: Honestly, I think I would have to be a good angel, or at least an angel who’s good at being bad.

What turns you on?
Kayla: Well what physically turns me on would be when a guy kisses my neck or grabs the small of my back when I’m walking in front of him.

Jessica: A man who makes me submit to him because I’m usually very aggressive, so someone who can pull my hair and put me in my place, now that’s a turn on.

How do you feel about being a Playboy Playmate?Kayla: It is such an honor to be a Playmate because there are only 12 girls picked to be Playmates each year. I have seen the selection process and know that not just anyone can be a Playmate, so it’s very flattering to be one of the 12 Playmates. It has changed my life dramatically and I feel like I owe it all to Playboy for all of the work I have received because of them.

Jessica: I don’t think it hit me yet that I’m a Playmate. I feel extremely lucky because they only choose 12 Playmates a year out of thousands of submissions, so to be one of the 12 is pretty amazing. I feel lucky that they saw something in me that they liked.

Tell us one secret about the Playboy mansion?Kayla: Considering there is a reality TV show on what goes on behind closed doors at the mansion, there are not many secrets at the mansion, or the secrets aren’t kept for long!

Jessica: What happens at the Playboy mansion stays at the Playboy mansion [laughing].

Have you ever kissed a girl? What spot on her body did you enjoy kissing the most?Kayla: No comment [laughing].

Jessica: Yes I’ve kissed a girl before. Girls have way softer lips than guys. By the way, Elle Navarro is the best kisser ever!