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Whoever knew that the woman behind The New @ 2 Mix on Power 106 was this sexy? Yes, Yesi Ortiz who hosts The New @ 2 Mix with “heavy hitter” DJ Felli Fel is a key player on one of L.A.’s most popular shows for new music and exclusive interviews.

Born and raised in Orange County, but spending time back and forth between Southern California and Tijuana, Mexico, Yesi used her passion for music to land the job of a lifetime. By studying and taking broadcasting classes, within six months into school, she landed a weekend gig at a radio station in Las Vegas, Nevada. No stranger to hard work, Yesi would travel from Long Beach to Las Vegas every weekend just to be on the air, then go back to school as well as balance a nine to five job. Yesi spent two years in Las Vegas, but left when she scored a position at a new San Diego radio station rocking seven to midnight.

Luckily, a radio station across the border was looking to fill a morning show position and Yesi became the brand new co-host of AJ’s Playhouse in San Diego. By defeating obstacles that came across her path, she knew that her dream would soon come true. So, yes, it’s safe to say that through hard work and determination, a dream can eventually turn into a reality

In one word, how would you describe yourself?

What makes you sexy?
I think it’s all in the eyes. Sexy starts there! You can make anyone melt with what you say in your eyes.

This was your first time modeling for a magazine. How was it? Would you ever do it again?
Yes it was and, wow, it was scary and nerve racking! I’m not used to having all kinds of people around you when you’re trying to be all sexy. I usually do that in the bedroom (laughing). When I look at pictures in magazine you don’t ever really think about “hmm, I wonder who was all there.” No, you just normally look at the person in the photo and what they’re wearing, but fear is something I usually try and conquer, so I’d love to do it again.

What was the freakiest thing that you’ve done at the office?
Uhhh, the obvious! Home run! I can’t believe that I’m admitting this but twice at two different office locations… no names will be named (laughing).

What’s your fantasy?
Someone to “lick, lick, lick, lick me from my head to my toes and move from the bed down, down to the floor.” Ludacris’ “Fantasy” (laughing).

Who has been your favorite artist to interview?
Snoop! I love Snoop, every time I’ve had the chance to interview him he’s always made things so easy. He gets it, he’s professional about things and a lot of people may not realize that some artists walk in like they the sh** and they have one hit single. Please! They need to relax and kick rocks somewhere else because I can’t stand that. Until you have hits like Snoop, okay, then you can try and walk in like your sh** don’t stink.

Who has been the sexiest artist that you have ever interviewed?
Mmmm, that’s a good one… Pharrell, Travis Barker, and it so happens that Universal Republic recording artist Problem (“I’m Toe Up!”) is in the studio with me and he wants me to say “him” (laughing). He is cute, though!

What do you do in your spare time?
This is gonna sound whack but really, nothing. I’m always on the go so if I get a moment to myself I like to chill on the cozy corner of a couch or on my best friend’s couch (laughing). I love movie nights.

Where do you like to hang?
Believe it or not, I like hanging out with the guys from the station. They’re like my brothers, especially if Eric, Syphe, Felli or any other power mixers are mixing somewhere. I’ll go support them whenever I can.

What do you look for in guy?
Someone who’s stronger than me, not physically but mentally. I take care of a lot of people in my life, which makes me controlling and having to “wear the pants” in my family. I don’t want to date a “skirt boy.” I need a man who’s gonna make me feel safe and take charge of a situation. I have so many things I’m doing it’s like get on or get off, because I don’t have time to stop for you. I need a man who can do that and be willing to ride with me. Maybe even smack me around sometimes, if you know what I mean (wink, wink).

We noticed that you have a tongue piercing, what is that for?
I got this piercing when I was 18! I thought it was sexy then and I still do. It’s just for fun!