If you appreciate a curvy and sexy woman, please look no further because Miss Trish is here. This down to earth beauty is another of our recent discoveries from Miami, Florida, and we hope that you enjoy her pictures as much as we do!

What makes Miami sexy?
I would say the beaches and weather mostly. It’s always summer and everyone is always out (laughing).

Do you think that the men are different in Miami than in Cali?
Umm, I would definitely say yes on that one.

Which coast do you think has the hottest girls, east or west? And why?
I would say both coasts. Women are all beautiful in their own unique way.

Are you attracted to women? If so, would you ever get down with one?
I can appreciate a beautiful woman and compliment her on her beauty, but I’m not trying to swing that way (smiling).

What type of guys do you like and which ones do you end up attracting?
I like the quiet shy type. He keeps to himself and doesn’t scream out for attention. I don’t attract one type specifically.

Do you enjoy sports? If so, which are you favorite teams?
I like playing tennis and watching Serena and Venus. Gotta love those two!

If you were granted three wishes what would that first wish be?
That one day I can look back on my life and be satisfied with everything that I have accomplished.

What turns you on?
Me in Hawaii getting away from all of the stresses of life.

Do you consider yourself to be low key or a party girl?
I’m definitely a low key kind of girl. I’m not into the party scene.

Have you ever cheated? And if so, have you ever been caught?
Nah, I’m not into all that. Monogamy is the key.

Have you ever been in a fight? If so, did you win?
Umm, yeah. Let’s just say that I did what I had to do.

What makes you sexy?
I would say the fact that I stay humble. I personally think that I’m a dork (laughing).

Have you ever had your heart broken?
Well, I’m human, right?