Makeup: Jeni Chua
Kick back, relax and feast your eyes on the very sexy Tania (36C-26-38). But please don’t get too comfortable. You wouldn’t want to close your eyes and miss out on this muy caliente chiquita. Ai Caramba!

What can a man do to get your attention at a bar or club?
Smile and not use a cheesy line! I also love it when a man can make me laugh. That’s such a turn-on.

If you could either be with a bad boy or a nice guy, which one would you choose and why?
At this point in my life, I’m all about the nice guys. I already went through a bad boy period and realized that the nice guys are the ones worth being with. I also love a great family man; that’s the best quality.

In the bedroom, would you rather choose a pair of handcuffs or a whip?
A pair of handcuffs can go a long way (smiling).

Would you be willing to do videotape like Paris Hilton or Kim K.?
No not at all. I like to keep things like that private.

If you were stuck in an elevator with some hot guy that you didn’t know, would you be able to contain yourself?
Oh boy, next question (laughing).

Have you ever made love in a club. If not, would you?
Ummmm, yes to both of those questions.

Have you ever pleased yourself in front of your man and had him watch you get off?
Absolutely, I love when my man and I can be comfortable enough around each other to please ourselves in front of each other; it’s part of the intimacy.

Have you ever used a guy to get what you want?
I can’t lie, I have to say yes, but I think that everybody was happy in the end (smiling).

How long would you wait until you have sex with someone you really like?
Well, that really depends on every situation. I don’t have rules like that, I don’t like to put rules on relationships.

Do you consider yourself to be a diva or are you the girl next door type?
I think I can be both, but I’m more the girl next door kind of chick.

What’s your favorite lowrider and why?
I always thought that Monte Carlos are hot, probably because I saw a real nice one owned by a girl!

Have you ever been drunk enough to mistakenly call your ex for sex?
(Laughing) Many times.

Are you into porn?
Yeah, who isn’t?

Are you a sex addict?
Well, I like sex often. Does that make me a sex addict?