Just when you thought that it couldn’t get any sexier, check out another of our newest superstars, Nina Mascunana. Now Nina likes men who know how to treat a lady, but beware, she also admits to being a “big tease.” Can you play like that? If so, read on.

What can a man do to get your attention at a bar or club?
He would have to be a gentleman and approach me with respect and with humor.

If you could get with a bad boy or a nice guy, which and why?
I love nice men! I like to be treated right and be appreciated.

Would you choose a pair of handcuffs or a whip?
Whip, because I like to be in control and punish bad boys (laughing).

Would you be willing to do a videotape like Paris Hilton or Kim K.?

If you were stuck in an elevator for two hours with some hot guy that you didn’t know, would you be able to contain yourself?
Yes, I have good self-control, but then again, how hot is he?

Have you ever made love in a club? If not, would you?
No, but I would love to. I’m very spontaneous so I’m always up for something different.

Have you ever pleased yourself in front of your man and had him watch you get off?
Hell yes! And I loved every minute of it (laughing). I’m a big tease!

Have you ever faked it?
Yes, I’m so good at it.

Have you ever used a guy to get what you want?
Yes (laughing). It was for a good cause, though.

Do you consider yourself to be a diva or are you the girl next door type?
I would say that I’m a bit of both.

Have you ever cheated on your boyfriend?

Have you ever been drunk enough to call out for your ex by mistake during sex?
Yes (laughing).

Are you into porn?
I’m not into it, but I like watching it with my male friends.

What type of guy are you attracted to? Are looks a factor?
I love old fashioned men; intelligent, respectful, goal-oriented, sweet, open-minded, unique, down to earth, hairless, etc. He really doesn’t have to be drop-dead gorgeous as long as I’m attracted to him in some way, like if it’s his smile, eyes or face, etc.

Are you a sex addict?
Yes, I love having sex with the person I love.