She Graduated With Honors USCMz. Sexia is of Mexican, French and Cherokee heritage, but identifies mostly with her Mexican roots. Despite Mz. Sexia’s appearance and lifestyle as a “chola-type,” she graduated with honors from USC with a major in preventative medicine. Mz. Sexia never had any serious intentions of becoming a model, but she instantly created a buzz among car show patrons and magazine photographers at local Lowrider Magazine car shows.

From there, Mz. Sexia describes her success as a model and ever-growing popularity online as a blessed and exciting journey. She’s definitely hungry, humble and loves to please her many fans. She looks forward to the continuation of her accomplishments and she’s confident that she will.

What’s in your iPod right now?
Lots of gangsta rap! I’m a big fan of certain Chicano rappers, Twista and his crew, and West Coast rap, especially 2pac and all of the G funk pioneers. I also love Mya and Mariah Carey, and, of course, I update my iPod with the newer radio songs that I can tolerate listening to over and over. One of my favorites right now is “Lollipop” by Lil’ Wayne.

How are you different than most models out there and how are you unique?
I don’t know a whole lot of models personally but I’d like to think that I’m very down to earth and intelligent; I’m not the Hollywood type. Most people I come across are surprised by both my street and book smarts. One of my best friends calls me a “walking brain,” so don’t get it twisted, I’m not easy to mess with! I’m also unique in that my looks and appeal are versatile. I can go from chola to Beyonc to Sports Illustrated swimsuit model in a heartbeat. Finally, I have a true love for lowriders and the people who build and love them! My favorites are ’59 and ’63 Chevy Impalas and if they’re drop-tops, even better! I’ve always enjoyed Lowrider Magazine and attending the car shows.

What’s the best thing about being in the industry?
I would have to say the feeling I get when a fan tells me how much they admire me and my work. It makes me feel accomplished and all warm and fuzzy inside (laughing). I also like the many different people I get to meet and the opportunities that come at you left and right. This industry is a lot about who you know and being in the right place at the right time. But you’ve got to play your cards right. Some girls sleep around to get ahead or have a crappy attitude, and that comes around to bite you in the butt eventually.

What’s the one thing that you can’t live without?
My cell phone, like many people. It’s my messenger, watch, mini-computer, calculator, everything. I have a Blackberry Pearl right now, but I miss my Sidekick 3. I’m also a liquid eyeliner junkie!

Do you see yourself hanging out with more guys or girls?
It’s always been easier for me to get along with guys. Girls are often catty and jealous, and love to start drama. The girlfriends I do have I love! I pick them carefully and try to be the best friend that I can be, but sometimes I unconsciously neglect my friends because I get so caught up in my own world. I need to work on that.

What’s the best way for a guy to get your attention at a bar or club?
I would say a well-dressed and confident-looking guy who’s giving me the eye but not throwing himself on me would be most likely to get my attention. Please don’t come up behind me and try to dance with me without asking first! Also, don’t try to impress me by telling me about your expensive car or showing me your Black Card. It won’t work.

What turns you on and what turns you off?
I’m a sucker for bad boys with nice muscles. Shaved-bald heads are sexy too! I like a guy who spends just enough time on his hygiene and appearance. I get turned off by bad breath, a bad or conceited attitude, and a general unkempt appearance. Guys, please don’t shape your eyebrows. It’s not sexy. If you must pluck, just hit up that uni-brow and any stray hairs. Guys with eyebrows as thin or arched as mine are definitely a turn-off.