July/Aug 2008
If you’re a big fan of curvy and sexy women, well, this magazine is definitely meant for you. No one can ever get enough of the mouth-watering women that we bring to you in every issue, and I think that more hot women are just what Lowrider Girls needed in our sexy summer July issue.

We’re fortunate to have C.C. Fontana grace this issue’s cover. This sexy Venezuelan vixen proved to us that she can go from a sexy Vogue model to a Lowrider Girls hottie in no time. We also bring to you the woman behind the mic at Power 106, Yesi Ortiz. This diva hosts a popular segment called “New @ 2” on one of L.A.’s biggest radio stations. Not only does she represent for the ladies, but she’s definitely showing the fellas a little of what she’s got!

We’re also pleased to present all of the heart-stopping features that we bring to the table in every issue of Lowrider Girls. So, fellas, if you’re ready for another eye-popping issue of Lowrider Girls please don’t hesitate to dive in. All of the excitement lurks just beyond this page. So go on, turn the page and enter into the world of Lowrider Girls!