Welcome to the June issue of Lowrider Girls! We all know that this is the time of year when the ladies begin to wear much less clothing, and in our case, even less still. In this issue, we took Lowrider Girls to the beautiful city of Miami, Florida. Miami is known for its large melting pot of beautiful people. This city is filled with exotic-looking women who come in all colors, shapes and sizes. Miami is definitely a place where the assets are definitely in effect!

In my opinion, Miami is hands-down the place to find the sexiest Latina women. At first I thought that everyone was lying when they said that Miami has the hottest Latin women, but, ummmm, since I went out there I must say that I have to agree! I mean, don’t get it twisted, the West Coast does produce its share of sexiness, but, ladies, they do put a little bit of competition on our end. I’m just saying.

Anyway, in this issue we introduce you to Angelica, Nayer and Sagia Dominique Castaneda. These three Miami chicas are definitively bad a**. When I first met these ladies, I just knew that they had to be covered. Not only did we bring you these hot ladies from the East Coast, but we still give you our sexy women from the West Coast as well. So tell me, who’s your favorite? East or West? You decide.Enjoy,XOXO