Editor’s Letter
This may issue of Lowrider Girls magazine is hotter than ever! We introduce you to miss Jessica Skyy. Born in the Bronx, New york, Jessica is fierce and not afraid to let it be known that the sky’s the limit.

Fellas, haveyou ever fantasized about getting a fresh new haircut by a woman… not just any type of woman, but a lowrider girl? Our girls Crissy and yvette help make that fantasy come true. Can you just imagine sitting in a barbershop chair and one of these ladies is willing to do anything to make you look good as well as feel good? Imagine that!

We also feature an exotic blend of beauties of different descents-Filipino, Irish, Persian, Caucasian, mexican, etc. We definitely have all that you desire.

Also, don’t forget to check out the Tips and advice of our tantalizing seductress Veronica Vixen. you know that in every issue she never holds back. Veronica continues to give you the best advice as well as tips to tighten up your sex game. So, fellas, hold on to your Dickies, because your mind and body are about to go on a ride that you will never forget.