Who knew that a girl from Turkey could look this good! Lowrider Girls would like to introduce you to a little bit of Turkish delight who goes by the name of Nehir.

Nehir sounds like a really exotic name. Where are you from?
I’m Turkish but I grew up in New Jersey.

Really? We never met anyone from Turkey before. Do all of the women out there look like you?
Nope (just kidding). Well, some are hot and some are not, like here in the States.

When you go out do like to hang out with “ugly” girls to make yourself stand out more than you already do? Or do you roll with the finest?Well, I must say that I hang out with more guys than girls. I love the attention that I receive from men.

What’s your favorite position?
I must say that I’m a rider!

Oh, is that right! We love a girl who knows how to move her hips. What type of underwear do you enjoy best?
I love the booty shorts. They fit me good, and I look good in them, I must say.

What are two things that people would be surprised to learn about you?
Well, I belly dance and I love to eat… I eat like a man.

That’s so sexy. We love a girl who loves to eat and looks good while doing so.
(Laughing) Well, I’m definitely the right girl for you.