Picture this: early one Saturday morning you wake up and decide to get your weekend haircut. You get up out of bed, take a shower, throw on a pair of house shoes and make your way to your barber. When you walk in, instead of being greeted by your usual barber, you are instead welcomed by two sexy vixens who are willing to do whatever they can in order to make you feel as good as you want to look. Close your eyes and imagine that…

Crissy AKA The Duchess
This sexy Texan vixen knows what she wants.
Even at a glance, Crissy looks like a girl who’s not afraid to command what she wants. Her attitude oozes sex (34D-26-34) and her demeanor has the tendency to capture every man’s heart. Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, this sexy Texan vixen wants to show Lowrider Girls that she’s definitely a “show stopper.”

At what age did you begin modeling?
I began modeling at the age of four, and from then I was in love with being in front of the camera.

What makes you sexy?
The thing that makes me sexy is my attitude as well as my confidence. I do whatever I want whenever I want, and if someone doesn’t like it then… you know the rest (smiling).

What drives you wild about a man?
Well, I absolutely love a man who has tattoos. Especially if they have them on their neck. Oh my god, that is so sexy. I especially like a guy who has sleeves of tattoos; that is such a turn-on. Either I like a bad boy who’s all tatted up or a pretty boy who could be a model.

What do you think are your best features?
Well, I love my eyes. I think I can say and tell a lot with my eyes.

What’s your favorite drink?
Crown and Coke.

Where’s the craziest place that youve ever had sex?
Well, usually I’m too drunk to remember, so I can’t tell you that.

Yvette Better Than Ever
She’s the type of girl you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with.
College student Yvette Soto is a 22-year-old natural beauty who knows how to present herself in a sexy yet classy manner. Born and raised in the South Bay, Yvette now resides in Riverside, California, where she’s attending RCC (Riverside Community College) and majoring in marketing. You might recognize this beauty from the February cover of Lowrider Magazine, and now she’s back hotter and better than ever.

So, Yvette, when you’re not strutting your stuff in front of a camera lens, what do you enjoy doing?
Well, I love going out with friends as well as working out.

Yes, we can definitely tell that you enjoy working out (smiling). What do you find sexy about men?
Well, I love older men! I love a guy who’s smart, tall, as well as fit. I love a man who has muscles. That’s such a turn-on.

You hear that, fellas? Start hitting the gym, Yvette loves a man who’s in shape and looks good without any clothes on, right, Yvette?
Yes, that’s right!

What’s something a dude can do to ruin any chances of getting with you?
I hate a guy who tends to brag about all that he has. It’s such a turn-off and it comes off as being very cocky.

Yvette, since you seem like the perfect girl, tell us some of your bad habits?
Well, I must say that I tend to be very bossy (laughing). I love being in control; oh, and did I mention that I can be a bit messy?

A girl who likes to take charge, we like the way that sounds! What do you find sexy about women?
I love a woman’s body. The shapes and sizes to me of a woman’s body is beautiful.

Yes, we can definitely agree with you on that one. Thanks, Yvette, for taking this time out with Lowrider Girls. We really appreciate it. Thanks for having me. It was fun.