I was born in Russia, then I moved to Canada for a few years,” says the foxy Oxy. “From there I went to New York City where I was raised! The journey didn’t end there… I then moved to Philadelphia. I went to two different colleges trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, but then I realized that I should just stick with what I love doing, which is makeup.”

Finally this East Coast girl decided to move to Los Angeles to attend a makeup course and pursue some modeling on the side. “I must admit that makeup is my passion, but modeling at the moment is my hobby. So far it has been nothing but a blessing as well as hard work!”

“As far as who I am, I’m a really laid-back kind of girl who loves to laugh and act silly, but knows when to be serious. I prefer movie nights and dinner over any club, but I do love to dance! I’m working on my website for my fans so please check me out at www.oxykisses.com.” So be sure to check it out and show some love! XOXO