Sumlee – Thai Model

You Know You Want "Sum" Of This

Once you see this sexy vixen and all that she has to offer you’re definitely going to want “sum” of whatever she’s serving up!

LRG: Sumlee, that’s a very interesting name. Does it mean anything?Sumlee: Well, it’s Thai. It means little cotton ball. When I was born I was told that I looked like a little cotton ball [laughing].

LRG: Awe how cute. Well, just to let you know, you can be my little cotton ball anytime…sorry I had to get that off my chest. Let’s move on…so where are you from?Sumlee: I currently live in San Diego, California.

LRG: You seem really high maintenance, is that true or are looks really deceiving?Sumlee: I think I’m a little bit of both. At times I can be a diva and at other times I can be very chilled and laid back.

LRG: So basically you’re able to adapt to any situation. So you’re fine and you know how to chill with a brotha [laughing].Sumlee: [Laughing] Correct.

LRG: What type of guys do you date?Sumlee: I like bad boys. The tats, piercing, I love it. They just turn me on.

LRG: Bad boys huh? Well, I think I can fit that criteria, I mean I can be as bad as you want me to be.Sumlee: [Laughing] Really?