LRG: So miss Lv, how did you get involved in modeling?LV: I’m a foreclosure specialist for a mortgage bank and I decided that modeling seemed something beyond my usual, so I decided why not?

LRG: So you’re fine and you like to take chances, wow I think I’m in love already [laughing]. Since I’m now in love with you, what type of guy do you like?LV: you’re too funny! Well I like a man who is confident, down-to-earth and athletic-that’s a must! A man who has a tight stomach is such a turn-on.

LRG: Well, I want to let you know that you should stop looking because your man is right here [smiling]. I’m just saying [laughing]. Let me ask you this question: If you and one other person were stranded on an island for six months would you want to be on that island with a man or a woman?LV: Definitely a man! Women talk too much. I’m not sure if I would want to deal with all that.

LRG: Dang, I was hoping you would say a woman, that would’ve been so sexy. I could just imagine…sorry mental picture. Ok miss Lv before I let you go I just have to ask you this question, do you know within the first 15 minutes of when you meet a guy whether he is do-able?LV: [Laughing] Umm…no, but I do know that if he starts talking a lot about himself he’s nOt do-able at ALL. LRG: yes! So I do have a chance. Well, thanks Lv for being the star of my dreams tonight but most importantly, thanks for talking with me. you’re the best.