LRG: What were some of your biggest accomplishments in 2007?Jessica: Well, 2007 was a great year for me as far as modeling goes. I was featured in Maxim, I had two covers on other magazines and got to travel a lot. Now 2008 is starting off even better with a cover in February and now I have a cover with you guys! So far this year looks promising [smiling].

LRG: So Jessica, in one of your interviews you said that you wouldn’t mind having a threesome with your dude because you said (quote), “that it brings excitement to the relationship.” Is that true and if so, would you do it again?Jessica: [Laughing] Oh boy I think it’s all about timing. That’s something you can’t plan, it just happens unexpectedly. When you take your relationship to that level you better make sure it’s a strong one because I think that can cause problems when it’s not done correctly. There needs to be rules with a threesome if you’re in love, I wouldn’t want my boyfriend or husband being with another woman in front of me, I’m too jealous of a girl! [Laughing] I would probably end up ripping her hair out. I think most guys don’t necessarily want to be with the other girl you bring in the bedroom though; he just wants to watch his woman be intimate with another woman, that’s a huge turn-on for a man.

LRG: So what do you find attractive about a woman? What type of woman turns you on?Jessica: A man only really sexually turns me on but I can appreciate a beautiful woman when I see one. I think what’s most attractive about a woman is her confidence. You can always tell when a confident woman walks through the door and all eyes go on her, she has an aura about herself. If I were a guy though I would like a woman’s mouth and lips the most. I do find Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Adriana Lima and Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls singer) very hot! They could come in the room with my man and me any day [smiling].

LRG: [Laughing] OK that sounds good. So what type of guy do you prefer? Who’s your ideal man?Jessica: I’ve always liked big guys. I love to feel petite and protected and I love strong arms. I love a man who can just pick me up and throw me around [laughing]. My ex is 6 foot 2, 250 pounds. I love that but most of all I love a man who’s romantic, sweet, considerate, trustworthy and shows me his soft side, but is very strong on the outside.

LRG: If you had a magical lamp and you could only make three wishes, what would your first wish be?Jessica: Wow, that’s hard. There are so many important things in life I could wish for-for the world to be a better place and so forth-but if I want to have fun with my three wishes I would definitely wish to be young forever, like 22 years old, find my one true love and own and live on a Hawaiian island, those are three things I would really love.

LRG: What’s your fantasy? Has it already been accomplished?Jessica: [Laughing] This might sound a little weird but I’ve always had this fantasy to have hot sex with a vampire. I know it’s not very realistic that’s why it’s a fantasy but I’ve always had a sexual attraction to vampire characters. Like Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire. Mmm…to have a vampire bite on my body or neck…ah, damn, I can’t even talk about this. [Laughing]

LRG: Wow Jessica a vampire! [Laughing] Sounds kind of freaky… we like it! So do you like it hard or soft? And of course we’re not talking about tacos.Jessica: I think it’s definitely all about the moment. Sometimes you want that hard, rough, crazy, sweaty, sex and other times you want him to make love to you, be gentle and sensual and caress your body…but all at once works for me [smiling] and by the way, I like my tacos soft.