She melts when she sees a man with muscular arms

LRG: What has been the steamiest thing you’ve ever done in the back seat of a Caddy?Jazmin: Wouldn’t you like to know! [Laughing] I prefer to keep those things personal. I mean, who doesn’t like a little bit of mystery.

LRG: If you could design your own lowrider, what would you name it?Jazmin: Hmm…it would be La Vida Bella-Life is Beautiful! It’s a little bit of Mexican and Italian, like me.

LRG: What do you find sexy about a woman?Jazmin: I think her eyes are very sexy, especially if she knows how to use them.

LRG: What is it about a man that turns you on?Jazmin: Arms! Especially if they’re muscular, I could just melt.

LRG: What is it about a man that turns you off?Jazmin: When they are too cocky. There’s a difference between being too cocky and being confident. All you fellas keep that in mind!