LRG: So Nikita, what is your definition of a sexy woman?Nikita: Well, to me a sexy woman is a woman who has confidence in her appearance. She has a body that’s envied by others but holds a personality to match.

LRG: Oh, we like that answer. Just to let you know, we definitely think that you are one sexy individual who encompasses all of the stuff you define as sexy.Nikita: [Laughing] Thanks!

LRG: So miss sexy, what other interests do you have besides modeling?Nikita: I have a passion for singing and acting. I’m a huge fan of Broadway and I was in musical theater when I was in high school.

LRG: For all the men out there, including me [cough, cough], are you single?Nikita: Unfortunately, I am single. I haven’t found that special someone yet, and yes I am looking for him.

LRG: Well look no further, he’s right here [laughing]. Sorry I thought I’d slip that in real quick…I’ll move on…so have you ever cheated on anyone?Nikita: Well, to be honest, I’ve cheated once and it bit me in the ass. He cheated right back and kept on cheating. It was a mess, like trying to get revenge over and over again.

LRG: Wow, that sucks! Nikita, tell our readers something that would surprise or shock them.Nikita: Well some of you guys might think that I’m crazy, but I love the smell of oil on a mans hands. I have no clue why but if my man’s out in the garage working hard all day the first thing he’s getting when he comes in is a back rub followed by some good loving.

LRG: Hey now! I know any man would love that! So tell me, what’s the biggest problem with being so damn fine?Nikita: [Laughing] All the free drinks in the club. I always try to act hard all the time, like I can hang, but I usually just end up going home alone praying to the porcelain god all night.

LRG: What’s your favorite drink?Nikita: Grey Goose and Red Bull with a splash of cranberry.

LRG: Just a splash?Nikita: Yes just a splash [laughing].

LRG: OK, lets say that you are tipsy and you were approached to have a threesome…would you be spontaneous and go for it?Nikita: No, I couldn’t do it! Plus I don’t like to share!

LRG: OK that’s understandable. Tell us this, who was the hottest person that you’ve ever worked with?Nikita: I got to be in a runway show with Tear Patrick before. She is one super hottie with perfect skin and legs for days. She makes me want to get into the porn biz…just kidding.

LRG: [Laughing] And I would definitely be your No.1 fan.