She is the next best thing!Vanessa Kay is definitely number one on every man’s Christmas list this year. Vanessa is known for her eye-catching attributes as well as appearing on the very successful The Man Show for five years.

Vanessa now resides in L.A. and has designed a website where all of her adoring fans can keep in touch with her. On you have the ability to keep in touch with her as well as receive updates, watch her latest videos and view her most recent pictures. Vanessa Kay is on the right path to becoming the next best thing.

Fan Club Entrance Information:”If you know any fans of The Man Show tell them to add me! I may not be able to respond to everyones messages so bare with me, but I’ll definitely try. Also, I don’t come on too frequently but I’ll go on as much as I possibly can to keep you guys updated with anything new. If you can’t get a hold of me on here it’s more than likely you can get a faster response on my official website because I check that much more often. And yes I’m no longer blonde. I hope you guys like the brunette hair though! I’m back to my original roots. It’s much better that way. XOXO!”