Erika Escobar heightens the beauty of the Salvadoran woman. With sex appeal and vivacious energy, she has the ability to captivate anyone’s attention when she steps into a room.

Born Feb. 24, 1983, in Oakland, California, Erika always knew that she belonged in front of the camera. “All my life I loved the camera.” With that, she has appeared in numerous music videos and received the Miss El Salvador title, which offered her the opportunity to represent her country in the Miss Latina Pageant in Cancun, Mexico. Through the notoriety that ensued, Erika realized she had the potential to be a voice for her people and took her role seriously by developing a platform that included the Latin community, specifically Latina women.

In 2005 she co-starred in Heart and Sole, a movie written by John Franco Gamboa. Soon afterward she was in a Ford Motor Company commercial, and in 2006 Gamboa called on Erika once again to be the lead in his second film, The Pledge. After wrapping the film Erika went on to host a weekly video countdown on reggaeton and Latin hip-hop called In the Club? that aired on “Azteca” and “Mun2” and subsequently she became the hostess for Latin Fever, a show currently in production.

She’ll captivate anyone’s attention when she steps into a room.Lowrider Girls gets personal with Miss Escobar:

LRG: So Erika, since Christmas is right around the corner what would you like Santa to put under your Christmas tree?Erika: Umm lets see, I would love a small vibrator [laughing]. I want a cute one that can fit in my purse.

LRG: [Laughing] Wow OK, so sometimes it gets a lil’ rough? Well, do what you do [smiling]. Besides from the vibrator, what is your ultimate fantasy?Erika: I would love to have sex under a waterfall with lions and tigers in the background…that would be hot!

LRG: [Laughing] Well, it would definitely be hot but it will be a hot mess if that lion jumped up and bit you in the booty [laughing].Erika: Tell me about it [laughing]. That is not a good look.

LRG: Well miss lady, that wraps up our interview. Thanks for your time and good luck with everything.Erika: No problem and thank you for the opportunity.