Lowrider Girls gets cozy with Carla Harvey for the holidays.

LRG: So Carla, what do you enjoy the most about the holiday season?Carla: I love visiting my family during the holidays. Since I moved from Detroit I make it my priority to go out and visit my family, especially during Christmas.

LRG: Awe how sweet! Well, lets get to the juicy stuff…who do you want for Christmas?Carla: [Laughing] Well, I really want Johnny Depp, but I’ll settle for a tall, dark and handsome man who would know how to do me right!

LRG: Really? Well tell us this, what do you find sexy about a woman?Carla: I like a woman who has long hair, soft skin and beautiful eyes. A sexy girl knows that she can melt you with her eyes. I believe confidence is the key as well.

LRG: What has been the freakiest thing that you have done under a Christmas tree?Carla: Umm…lets say that I jingled my Santa’s ball [laughing].

LRG: Wow, we like that answer.