Two things Alexia can’t live without: “My blackberry and sex!”

StatsMeasurements: 36C-24-36

Height: 5’1″

Occupation: Mud Wrestler by day, Professional Juggler by night

Birthday: February 25

Location: Orange County, California


Myspace: What or who do you want for Christmas?Alexia: I really want a new puppy! I recently lost my dog so a new little friend would really make my holidays.

LRG: What can a man do to turn you on?Alexia: I love it when a man plays with my hair. Kissing is my favorite thing to do, so soft, sensual kisses always does the trick.

LRG: What turns you off?Alexia: It’s a turn-off for me when a guy brags too much about himself. Confidence is good but talking too much about yourself isn’t.

LRG: What are two things that you can’t live without?Alexia: My blackberry and sex! [Laughing]

LRG: Describe yourself in one word.Alexia: Tasty. [Laughing]

LRG: Would you ever have a threesome?Alexia: I wouldn’t rule it out as a possibility.

LRG: Describe your personality.Alexia: I’m very easygoing and I love to joke around and have a good time. I also have a very bad temper but, because I know that, I usually try to keep my cool and not get mad about the little things. I’m open-minded and love to learn new things about life from the experiences of others.

LRG: What was the best Christmas gift you have ever received?Alexia: Well, let’s just say that it might not be appropriate to share so I’ll have to keep that one private. Sorry!