Blondes. You’ve seen them everywhere, including Lowrider, and of course we all have our favorites. Carolyn Bolin would be one of them. She may be blonde but she certainly gets a hood pass, with curves that are normally left to Latinas and sistas. You’ve seen Carolyn on covers, centerfolds and at the shows, but now see her like you’ve never seen her before.

We wanted something hot from Carolyn and she took care of us… photographically, that is. And in the process of “doing it,” we found out a few things about Carolyn; one of them being that she doesn’t mind being tied up. Now that’s a girl who we can hang with and we did just that for a few hours one hot Sunday afternoon.

In the process we found out that she loves the L.A. Lakers even though she was born and raised in Northern California. And believe it or not, you can find Carolyn actually shooting hoops herself (we’re thinking that there would be quite a few body checks in the game just for the heck of it).

Carolyn, a couple of quick questions are in order. Single or taken?Happily taken.

There are a lot of not so happy guys right now, but what’s your preference in guys, nice guys or bad boys?Bad boys for sure! There’s just something about someone who’s bad that guarantees that they’re going to be fun. As long as we keep it legal.

Where’s the craziest place that you’ve had sex?A real lady doesn’t tell.

Your killing our interview here. The readers will have to leave that to their imaginations. Well, last question: tell us your dream car… and it doesn’t have to be a lowrider either.A Lamborghini. It has a very sexy shape and nothing says money and power like a Lamborghini.

Any parting shots?You can look for me to make it big in Hollywood, but until then you can find me at