In this issue, we get a good look at Araceli Herrera, a girl that previously only a few people had been able to see up close. Araceli has been in the modeling game for a while and has been making special appearances throughout the country at countless lowrider shows, model expos and trade shows. Now, Araceli bares it all for Girls of Lowrider.

This lovely Latina was born in South Central Los Angeles before moving to Escondido, California, at a young age. Araceli was getting noticed on the car show scene when she started her modeling career with Toltec Media out of San Diego, with whom she did a calendar and poster. She’s also starring in a DVD for the San Diego Super Indoor Custom Car Show.

If that wasn’t enough, Araceli has been doing a little bit of film acting in an independent film called Six Thugs by Ismael from Latin Kraze. She’s also working on a Clayton Diaz film called Gangsters of the Rose, playing one of the main roles and displaying her acting talent.

This hot Latina has more to share with the world and will soon be making waves in the modeling and film industries. Araceli gracefully agreed to take a few minutes and answer a few personal questions so that we can get to know what’s on her mind.

Single or married?Single and loving every minute of it.

What’s your sign?Aquarius.

What do you do right now?I work in the dental industry and model.

What’s your flavor in cars? Do you like low-lows, SUVs or luxury cars?I like luxury cars, but my man has to also own a low-low. I find low-lows sexy.

Give us three things that most people don’t know about you.I love ice cream, I’m a big wine person, I love doing wine tasting, and I love to eat red meat.

If you were an ice cream flavor what would you be?Vanilla, because I’m just the perfect flavor, not too sweet and not too bland.

Women are known to sleep naked. Do you?No, I don’t, but I love to sleep in sexy lingerie.

What has been the worst pickup line?You’re the most beautiful girl that I’ve ever met.

The best?This is lame but I’ve never been picked up with just one line.

You travel all over the U.S. How do you cope with it?I put 100-percent into what I do and stay focused. I also like to party when I get a chance and meet new people.

Which is better, sex in a relationship or no-strings attached?I would have to say sex in a relationship because I like to please my man to the fullest.

Have you ever had a threesome?No, it’s not my style. I do get hit on by girls all of the time but I just love the strength of a man.

Have you made any sex tapes?Not yet (laughing mysteriously).

Turn-ons?I’m attracted to confident and powerful men.

Turn-offs?I hate cheaters and liars. If you’re going to play me don’t even waste my time.

Where can we see more of you?If you want to see me more often I’m just a few clicks away at

Any last details that you want to share with your fans?I would like to thank all of my fans for all of the support and love that I’ve been getting since I started modeling.