The goal for all exhibitors at SEMA is drawing attention to their booth and giving product awareness. There are multiple tactics used to draw that attention. The most effective ways I saw was by unveiling a custom build or by having a celebrity or model at their booth. Most celebrities are reality stars from cable shows. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have cable, only Netflix. So to get to know an exhibitor better, maybe I should chill with some of the models.

We first got a chance to talk to Magda Angel (@MagdaAngel) and Christina Brooklyn (@Christina_Brooklyn). Magda Angel started modeling in her native country of Colombia 13 years ago before moving to Los Angeles.

2015 sema girls magda angel christina brooklyn 004

LOWRIDER: What made you pack up and move to the America?

Magda Angel: The American Dream! I moved because I wanted a better life for my family and myself. My family was going through a hard situation and I figured I could help them out economically by moving to America.

LOWRIDER: Did you move in with family/friends? Did you have a job before moving?

Magda Angel: No. I didn’t have anyone here and I also didn’t speak any English but I was able to work really hard and accomplish a lot of my goals.

2015 sema girls magda angel christina brooklyn 002

LOWRIDER: Christina, how long have you been modeling?

Christina Brooklyn: I’ve been modeling for five years. I began networking through a modeling website and slowly building up my name.

LOWRIDER: Are you originally from Vegas?

Christina Brooklyn: I was born in Maine, raised in Florida, Las Vegas, and California.

2015 sema girls magda angel christina brooklyn 001

LOWRIDER: Why did you move a lot?

Christina Brooklyn: My dad was a Marine and we moved around a lot.

LOWRIDER: Was it hard being the new girl?

Christina Brooklyn: It was really hard because girls can be so catty, but I’m real personable so I made the best of it.

Next we got the opportunity to talk with Julie Mel (@_JulieMeka), a Las Vegas hottie who’s been modeling for three years.

2015 sema girls julie mel 005

LOWRIDER: What do you enjoy about modeling?

Julie Mel: I love networking and meeting new people.

LOWRIDER: Do you travel a lot?

Julie Mel: Yes. I go to L.A. all the time, East Coast, Atlanta, Tennessee, and Texas.

2015 sema girls julie mel 006

LOWRIDER: What direction would you like to take your modeling career?

Julie Mel: I want to be published more. I was just recently published in an art magazine, also one a magazine from Singapore.

2015 sema girls julie mel 007

2015 sema girls julie mel 008

Our next model Ericka Kenny (@ErickaOfLV) is no stranger to the page of LOWRIDER Magazine as she was featured in the June ’15 issue. This former Arizona Cardinals cheerleader took a few moments out of her busy schedule to talk with us.

2015 sema girls ericka kenny 012

LOWRIDER: What did you think about your recent feature in LOWRIDER?

Ericka Kenny: I loved it. I had a lot of fun at the shoot and loved the way my photos came out. I would definitely do it again.

2015 sema girls ericka kenny 011

LOWRIDER: How much published work have you done?

Ericka Kenny: I’ve done a lot with different bikini lines, rim and tire shops. I was also an NFL cheerleader so I did a lot with the NFL.

2015 sema girls ericka kenny 010

LOWRIDER: What’s your favorite thing about modeling?

Ericka Kenny: I love everything about modeling, but mainly I love meeting all the people along the way. There are just some many different types of people with a lot of character.

2015 sema girls ericka kenny 009

While checking out an all engraved Skyline from Japan (engraving on paint) we were able to talk to Marie Madore (@Marie_Madore). Marie is a Dallas-based model who got her big break in 2014 when she made the top 100 of Maxim Hometown Hotties.

2015 sema girls marie madore 016

LOWRIDER: What made you want to model?

Marie Madore: I used to model local boutiques but I decided to make it a career after getting to the top 100 Maxim Hometown Hotties.

2015 sema girls marie madore 015

LOWRIDER: What area in modeling keeps you the busiest?

Marie Madore: I go to a lot of car shows from coast to coast, and hopefully I’ll be going international pretty soon.

2015 sema girls marie madore 014

LOWRIDER: What’s one of your career highlights?

Marie Madore: I’m grateful for everything I’ve achieved but I’d like to think my career highlights haven’t happened yet.

2015 sema girls marie madore 013

We hope that you guys enjoyed getting to know these lovely ladies as much as we did and don’t be afraid to follow them on instagram.