Shawty Bentacu – Simple Burque Girl with Big Dreams

Shawty's Enchantment

Makeup Artist: Self

Hair Stylist: Self

Wardrobe: Self

Shawty Bentacu is a gorgeous makeup artist and hairstylist from Albuquerque, NM. Her first modeling gig was for a friends shop. She enjoyed being in front of the camera and dabbed in the modeling scene but never pursued a career in it. Her goal is to one day own and run a barbershop/salon. With this in mind, she is currently attending barber school and is focusing on finishing up school to get one step closer to her goal.

During one of our trips to Albuquerque, we were able to meet and shoot Shawty. Unfortunately for us, it rained on the day of the shoot and we had to move the shoot from its original location to La Vida Customs garage. Regardless of the location, we guarantee you fall in love with her down to earth attitude and her beautiful smile.

Lowrider: What kind of girlfriend would you be?

Shawty: I think I’m fun but I’m Latina, so you know I’m a little crazy! Haha!

Lowrider: How much fun and how crazy of a girlfriend would you be?

Shawty: I’m not a jealous girlfriend. I’ll go to the strip club with my boyfriend and give him his space but I do need a lot of attention and need to be loved all day.

Lowrider: According to the Hot Crazy Matrix, you fall into the Wife Zone, so we are ok with your level of crazy.

Lowrider: What do you like to do for fun?

Shawty: I love to go to the movies, do makeup and go on walks and hikes.

Lowrider: What would be the perfect first date?

Shawty: Going to eat some crab legs and the date is already perfect for me. Haha. I guess going somewhere with a nice view after would be a nice way to end the night. I’m simple, I don’t need too much. I just need you to listen to me and be an active listener.

Lowrider: How do you like living in Albuquerque?

Shawty: I love it! I’m a Burque girl for sure. Everything is perfect here. It’s never to hot or to cold and I think people are friendlier over here.

We will be visiting Burque later this year, so keep an eye out for a follow up feature with our favorite New Mexico girl.

Model Name: Shawty Bentacu

Hometown: Albuquerque, NM

Ethnicity: Hispanic

Occupation: Makeup artist and hairstylist

Height: 4’9″

Measurements: 34-26-40

Instagram: @shawtee_11