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Vanessa Cervantes reveals to you her secrets on how men can improve their bedroom game, help make shower time more memorable, while also addressing a few misconceptions that guys have when they see women dressed in “slutty clothing” at the club. Read it fellas! It might just up your game.

7 Things to do in the bedroom when pleasing your woman

1. “Nice and slow”, quoted by Mr. Frank Sinatra. Nice and slow creates this anticipated arousal especially when bodies really start moving. Too fast too soon kills the moment.

2. Hold your woman tight and strong. We love a man with strong hands! It makes us feel protected and wanted.

3. Handle your woman with care, and always keep in mind to allow movement on her end as well.

4. Don’t get too sweaty. I mean we love it when you guys put in “work”, but too much sweat can get
a little disgusting.

5. Fruit breaks are refreshing. It can also be incorporated into round two.

6. Every woman can appreciate a comfortable setting. Lay down, no TV! Silence is golden for the sound of each other. Pay attention to her. By doing this, you’ll be a pro on radar for fake orgasms.

7. Don’t forget the peck on the cheek after. That’s the sign of a deal-closer.

7 Things for memorable sex in the shower

1. Let’s start with the water being warm. This makes us feel like we are in a tropical rain setting, rather than just in your bathroom.

2. Wash each other’s bodies … especially her hair. Massage her scalp as well; that is so relaxing for a woman, but please don’t mistake that shampoo for a lubricant!

3. Be playful … the shower is a playful setting.

4. Make sure you dim the lights or light a candle in the bathroom. That really sets the mood.

5. Kiss her passionately on the neck, lips, and caress her breasts softly. That always gets things a
lot wetter, if you know what
I mean.

6. Give her compliments on her body. Don’t talk too much, but a few compliments here and there will make her feel confident and secure.

7. Most importantly, make her feel comfortable and not awkward. If she feels discomfort, she won’t allow for this to happen again.

3 Misconceptions that guys have when they see women dressed in slutty clothes

1. When women are dressed sexy, keep in mind gentleman that it’s strictly for a TEASE! Don’t take it as an open invitation to grope us.

2. Yes it’s true that women dress sexy to get attention, but this doesn’t mean we want you to buy us drinks all night and follow us all around the club just because you used your hard- earned cash and bought us an $8 or 12 drink, depending on the Vodka choice!

3. Just because she’s wearing a tight, sexy dress or has her cleavage hanging out, please don’t assume that she’s easy. Trying to get her drunk so that you can take her home for the night is weak. Trust me, if your game is really that good, you wouldn’t have to get a girl drunk just so you can “hit it.”