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Being in the driver’s seat means being able to handle the curves, even if they are as dangerous as Monique Milian’s. Before you get to jingle your keys, this perfect 10 has eight tips you need to know before you can even get out of the garage. Oh, and don’t let all this car talk fool you; you better focus on foreplay instead of four wheels or you’ll never make it on the track with this pristine love machine.

So sit back, relax, and take notes as we get down and dirty with Monique Milian. It takes a woman this bad to give you advice on how your girl can have complete power over your body for just one night!

Tip #1: This is important, men. Handle your hygiene and your manscape. If you have crabgrass growing, you need to trim it because we shouldn’t have to fight to find the sprinkler head.

Tip #2: Not all women may admit it but for the most part, we love porn. But don’t make the mistake of taking what you watch and applying it to real life. Only a few women will be open for “porn” sex.

Tip #3: Girls are down to talk dirty so long as you set the stage and make them feel comfortable. The biggest problem is that we don’t want to come off strong in fear of being called “slutty”. Make us comfortable and you might discover something that we’ll both like.

Tip #4: Don’t ask questions for answers you might not be able to handle. If pushed for answers, most women will break … but not as bad as most men after hearing “the truth”. Watch what you ask and you’ll be fine.

monique milian 001

Tip #5: Don’t ever use the words “overacting” or “tripping”. You might as well call us a “bitch”. Those are all fighting words and reasons to be dismissed or put on probation.

Tip #6: A car is a car, at least that’s what women think. If your car is the pinnacle of your universe then go marry it. Bottom line: A woman will make you feel things a car never could, so make us a priority.

Tip #7: Believe it or not … we don’t expect you to pay for everything all the time. The true test of a man is to find one who is willing to let a woman pay once in a while.

Tip #8: If you have any charm at all, you will never call a girl “fine”. Women love compliments that are backed by sincerity. Call us “beautiful” or “gorgeous”… just not “fine”.

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