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Interview and photos courtesy of V*Lup Magazine

When you’re dealing with world-class beauty, you better bring your A-game or risk being forever stuck in the back of the class. We got schooled by this well-sculpted Japanese and French beauty who was willing to share with us a few of her deal-breakers and tips for passing grades—alongside a few of her favorite poses. At 5-feet, 3-inches tall, Maya is a definite head-turner who stacks a tall list of demands for her men to live up to. After this sultry shoot, we defogged our glasses, sharpened our pencils, and got down to business to ask a few essential questions that leave so many of us far removed from the title of teacher’s pet.

We Can disagree on our political positions, but when it comes to sex I’m a firm believer that we have to agree. What position gets your vote when it comes to bedroom activities and what advice would you give all the men reading this?

Let’s see, I like missionary simply because I can lie there and enjoy all of my man. I think that solid eye contact while making love increases the intensity of sex and it gives meaning to the movement. If that becomes too boring for my partner, then we can always add a few toys into the mix!

If you had a choice to spend one night with an old fling or someone you were once in love with, whom would you choose?

I would choose an old fling because it would be more fun and there wouldn’t be any emotional ties. With an old lover, it could lead to so much drama and even worse, it could open up old wounds and that’s just not worth it.

They say that a a woman doesn’t like a pushover. That said, do you like to be in control or controlled?

I love to be controlled! I like to be ordered around and told what to do, and in the end, it’s up to me to provide ultimate satisfaction. I’m so tired of always telling men how to please me. It’s simple guys; this is not a science experiment! What many men don’t realize is the simple fact that we’re usually in the driver’s seat and sometimes it’s nice to be told to get to the back. Long story short … take control and it’ll save you plenty of time and heartache.