Print Producer: Tara O’Malley
Digital Technician: Jeff Jamieson
First Assistant: Spenser Forrest
Wardrobe, Style, Hair & Makeup: Bossy Girls, Caitlin Wright & Vili
Wardrobe Assistant: Fresh
Bikinis Provided By: Kandyshop

Interview and photos courtesy of V*Lup Magazine

The power of beauty goes a long way for women. Men tend to fall for this manipulation constantly, making them seldom aware that they have been snared into the web by the beauty of this amazing creature. The exterior beauty is mesmerizing to men. The pouty mouth, sparkling eyes, and gentle laugh give women the ability to win the heart of any man that she desires. This is certainly the case for Jaclyn, with her olive skin and tantalizing eyes; this Southern California dream has the skills to overtake any man’s soul, which is said to be the root of a man’s existence. The true measure of a man lies within his soul, and when he encounters this diva for the very first time, please believe that she will be able to capture his essence and introduce him into a world of ecstasy.

It is said that women can have the power in a relationship, only if she plays the game right and by the rules… so with that, do you like having most of the power in the relationship or do you tend to sit back and go for the ride?

Well, I like for a man to play his role as a man, but at times I like having the power also. I definitely love being in control of my own life, as well as making my own decisions but when it comes to the bedroom, I love being the dominating force and controlling my man and telling him what to do to my body … but then again, I’m very strong willed. That’s such a turn-on for me.

Would you prefer to drive a stick or automatic? Also if you wanted to get a little freaky in the car, would you prefer the front or back seat?

I can drive anything, but of course I would prefer a STICK, baby! There is something about holding that stick … it makes me feel like I’m in control, and that definitely excites me. For me, having sex in the car is always fun and exciting no matter if it’s in the back, front, or even on top of the hood.

In your opinion, how can a man initiate pleasure while driving without being disrespectful toward his girl?

It’s all about the right timing and having the right girl. I truly don’t think it’s even possible unless you’re with a woman who’s comfortable with her sexuality and is able to be submissive to him, especially while driving. You could either end up being slapped or having one hell of a ride.