Print Producer: Tara O’Malley
Digital Technician: Jeff Jamieson
First Assistant: Spenser Forrest
Wardrobe, Style, Hair & Makeup: Bossy Girls, Caitlin Wright & Vili
Wardrobe Assistant: Fresh
Bikinis Provided By: Kandyshop

Photos and interview courtesy of V*Lup Magazine

When it comes to Hollywood films, Italians are notoriously associated with mob activity while Columbians are consistently portrayed and praised for the purity of their cocaine. But what happens when you mix the two together and include a female gene? You get a hot, highly addictive bombshell that you’d love to spend the night mobbin’ on. Her name? Franchesca DelCarpio. Her game? Your heart. You see, this hot Southern California diva best exemplifies what tourists are dying to see, and one taste of this highly addictive package could have you hooked, happy, and craving for more.

An addiction is said to be a dependence on a behavior or substance that a person is powerless to stop. What are some of your addictions that you can’t live without? Could it be sex, tobacco, caffeine, alcohol, and so on?

I would say two of my main addictions would be sex and going to the beach. These two things I definitely can’t live without. The beach gives me serenity and sex gives me the ability to release stress but, most importantly, it feels good and is very pleasing to my body.

A lot of models in the industry are obsessed with getting plastic surgery, as well as getting botox… would you ever consider getting any of these procedures done to help improve your status in your modeling career?

Well, I must admit that I did get my boobs done. I have pictures of myself when I was two with my shirt stuffed with toilet paper. I always wanted to have bigger boobs, so I think that investment really helped me advance in my career.

Let’s face it, you’re a gorgeous woman but we also know that looks—just like life itself—are given to us on borrowed time. What are your plans for life after modeling is done and the beauty has been weathered?

I would say travel the world! I’d like to explore different countries, cultures, and languages. Traveling to a third- world country would be ideal for me. I enjoy helping those in need and the less fortunate.