Print Producer: Tara O’Malley
Digital Technician: Jeff Jamieson
First Assistant: Spenser Forrest
Style, Hair & Makeup: Bossy Girls, Caitlin Wright & Vili
Wardrobe Assistant: Fresh
Bikinis Provided By: Kandyshop

Interview and photos courtesy of V*Lup Magazine

You might have seen actress Elena Diaz appear in the movie The Green Hornet, but if you haven’t seen that, then you might recognize her from Estudio 2 or possibly Spike TV. Needless to say, after this spread in V*LUP, you’ll always remember her voluptuous curves as well as her tips and advice on having sex on the beach.

Tip #1: Scout the Location: Be a good boy scout and pick the right location and the right terrain. Pick somewhere private with no interruption and don’t stay too close to the tide because an unexpected wave is a mood killer.

Tip #2: Sand bagging is for the street races: Most of my girlfriends and I agree that the women should be on top. Also be sure to not get any sand on your private parts because that would make for a less than pleasurable occasion. Remember, sand is good for exfoliation, not for sex.

Tip #3: Easy Access: Make sure the two of you wear something appropriate and with easy access. A woman can wear a dress or a shawl and your man should have on shorts or sweats. There’s no time for zippers and they can prove to be very anticlimactic.

Tip #4: Don’t water down the fun: If we’re already wet then why take us in the water? Try to avoid having sex in the water. It washes away the body’s natural lubrication and can be more painful than it is fun. Besides, it’s called “Sex on the Beach” not “Sex in the Water.”