Make Up: Ivory Narvell with La Belle Agency

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Age: 19
Height: 5’4”
Hometown: Dallas, TX
Ethnicity: Vietnamese, Spanish, Caucasian
Occupation: Model and go-go dancer

LRG: When you started modeling, were you ever nervous about posing in lingerie, or a bikini, or anything at all?
Kaitlyn: Actually, no. I am more comfortable and I pose better when I’m naked than I actually do with clothes on. I guess for my first photo shoot I was nervous before I got there, but then you start talking to the photographers and get really comfortable. I don’t get nervous, I guess. (laughs)

LRG: What traits do you like most about your looks?
Kaitlyn: Well, I’m Vietnamese, Spanish and white, so my eyes are definitely my best trait. And my ass. I like my ass. (laughs) I get the most compliments on that. (laughs) I have little boobs, so I have to work the angles of my ass.

LRG: So, as for as your love life, what do you prefer? guys? girls?
Kaitlyn: Both! (laughs) I mean, I love women, I been with girls in the past. I feel like if I’m going to settle down for a while it will probably be with a guy.

LRG: What’s the best way to approach you?
Kaitlyn: Don’t come up and compliment me. I feel like everyone does that and its really cliché. Also, don’t drop some pick up line. I’ve never really been one to be picked up. There’s not really a certain way to do it.

LRG: Should a guy ask first or just plant one you when it’s time for the kiss?
Kaitlyn: Don’t ask. That can be weird. Definitely just do it. Be aggressive. If you know what you want, do it. But don’t do it if the time is not right. The end of a date is good, but not before.

LRG: Have you kissed a girl?

Kaitlyn: Yes, I’ve actually dated girls before. After my ex, I was like, ‘Screw guys!’ Girls are different. Girls know what girls want. I like Barbie looking girls. Girls that are really pretty, cute, and sweet. Girls that are like me!

LRG: Has your best sex so far been with a guy or girl?
Kaitlyn: It depends. Sex with a girl is totally different than a guy. Sex with a guy, you can be rough, and I don’t know, kinky. Sex with a girl is soft, sensual and emotional. It’s pretty, I guess (laughs). I don’t know if you can compare the two.

LRG: So you like it rough?
Kaitlyn: Of course I do! Somebody needs to take control of me. I’m always in control.

LRG: Have you ever been caught having sex in public?
Kaitlyn: Yes! I have been caught at Six Flags and at a movie theater. I have been caught in a car by a cop. I get caught a lot. (laughs)

LRG: In a movie theater?
Kaitlyn: Yes. There was no one in the theater except a couple in the very front. We were in the very back. He was sitting in his chair. I was wearing a dress that night and I just sat on his lap. So it was like I was just sitting on his lap. (laughs) But I didn’t think about the projectionist. Apparently he heard and saw us. (laughs)

LRG: In bed, is it better to give or to receive?
Kaitlyn: I like receiving, but I feel like you have to give to receive. I feel like if you give, then he is more motivated to give it to you.

LRG: Is it that different between a guy or a girl?
Kaitlyn: Of course it’s different. When I’m with a guy, I don’t know, I just want to f*$#@, (laughs) I just want to do it. When I’m with a girl, I want to take my time and play. It’s definitely different.

LRG: You ever had a threesome or anything naughty?
Kaitlyn: No. But, have you ever had Skype sex? It’s weird and kind of different. Like you are watching yourself but watching him, too. It was pretty naughty. He was taking a lot of snapshots on his computer.

LRG: Any message for your fans?

Kaitlyn: Just, thanks so much for everything. I wouldn’t be able to do what I do if not for all the people who are behind me, supporting me, and pushing me. For girls who want to model, as cliché as it sounds, just don’t ever give up. People always told me I’m pretty, but not pretty enough to be a model. But look at me now! I have big things ahead of me. I’m very blessed and grateful to everybody!