Makeup: Sara Lander
Wardrobe: Kandy Shop Bikinis

Website/Social sites:
Age: 23
Measurements: 32C-25-36
Height: 54
Hometown: Melitopol, Ukraine
Ethnicity: Russian/Ukrainian
Occupation: Bartender

LRG: So youre back to for round two. What did you think when we asked you back for another shoot?
Elena: I felt flattered that you ask me to shoot again. It was awesome.

LRG: What have you been up to since our last shoot?
Elena: I’ve done a couple of shoots for Kandy Shop Bikinis and other shoots here and there. I wish I could spend more time modeling, but I have to pay my bills and I have to work a lot. I wish I had more time to actually model and do more shoots.

LRG: Is this you’re way of telling me I need to be supporting you?
Elena: (laughs). It’s a hint John. I’m just letting you know I don’t want to work anymore and I want to concentrate on modeling and you should do something about it since I’m your favorite model. (laughs)

LRG: You were dropping hints. I knew it!
Elena: Exactly. (laughs). Make me happy John! (Laughs).

LRG: And what do I get out of making you happy?
Elena: A bj. (laughs) just kidding.

LRG: Congratulations, That is the absolute right answer. (laughs)
Elena: (laughs). I’ll make it up to you one way or another. You’re going to be happy. (laughs).

LRG: Let me have my little fantasy. Everyone knows you’re kidding. (laughs)
Elena: (laughs).

LRG: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done since you’re last interview?
Elena: I watched porn! You know what video I saw? It was my first time watching two guys [from behind with one in front]. I’ve never seen that before. That was my first time seeing three guys and one girl.

LRG: What did you think?
Elena: The girl was really dirty. Then she [censored].

LRG: WOW! Where did you see that?
Elena: Russian Facebook. You’re allowed to post porn. I just couldn’t help but to watch it.

LRG: So is this something you’re considering doing? You really are going for model of the year huh?
Elena: No, maybe two girls and one guy. Not me and two other guys.

LRG: Yet again another perfect answer. So youre hinting at me and another girl. Is that where this heading?
Elena: Ugh huh. (laughs) We’re in an open relationship John. Sharing is caring. (laughs)

LRG: Have you been with girls?
Elena: Yeah. I like girls. I used to date girls before I started dating guys. I like guys better but I think girls know girls better overall. I’d rather deal with girl relationship. They know what they want. Guys play games, but sex is better with guys.

LRG: So you want to be in a relationship with a girl but have sex with a guy?
Elena: Yeah. That would be perfect actually.

LRG: I’m willing to be that guy. I’ll make that sacrifice and forgo the relationship part of us. (laughs)
Elena: I need a ring first.

LRG: Again with the ring! Constantly with the ring. I need stuff too. It’s a give and take relationship. I think you’re trying to get in my pants again. (laughs)
Elena: When was the first time?

LRG: I make a lot of stuff up in my head. Sometimes I mistake what’s in my head as being real. It happens a lot.
Elena: (laughing).

LRG: Back on track, what type of female are you attracted to?
Elena: I dont really have a type as long as shes sexy and I want to do her. My last girl I was with was Asian. She was hot. I like aggressive girls. I dont like girls I have to go after. I like girls that go after me. I like them with nice butts, legs and exotic looking girls.

LRG: You mean like with tattoos and brown skin?
Elena: Exactly. (laughs)

LRG: See that’s a good example of turning the attention back on me. Somehow I always manage to turn it back on myself. For some reason it’s in my head that you want me. I think I might need help.
Elena: (laughs) I just woke up because I had my car towed and had to get it last night. You made my day. I’m constantly laughing and smiling during this interview. It’s good. It’s all in fun.

LRG: Am I going to have to start driving you around? You’re asking a lot you know. I’m going to expect a lot.
Elena: I already promised myself and another girl and you. Maybe. (laughs).

LRG: That’s a fine point. You’re making a lot of sense.
Elena: That’s more than I’ve promised any other guy.

LRG: Why do I think there is going to be third feature for you?
Elena: (laughs) I’m just going to wait for the ring. (laughs)