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Age: 23
Height: 5’4”
Hometown: Elverson, Pennsylvania
Ethnicity: Spanish, Irish, Italian and Native American
Occupation: Bartender looking for a job

LRG: Where do you work at now?
Cat: It’s a really big sports bar for college kids. Though most of the kids are just going in there to get drunk and listen to live bands. Not too much sports watching is going on. (laughs)

LRG: So if we are up on the latest scores and Hot 100 on the college charts will that help to get to know you? Share some secrets.
Cat: Know what you want before ordering a drink from me. And don’t try and hit on me because I have plenty of customers that I have to attend to. And don’t wave your money at me either. But if you want to hang out and talk to me that’s fine. Just be a gentleman about it.

LRG: So the ‘ol come hither with a Benjamin isn’t going to work, how did your current guy snatched you up then?
Cat: I met him at a bar. He came up to me and I was like ‘Get away from me. You’re just a dirty old man.’ A couple of weeks later he text me and said something really inappropriate. Then I saw him at the same bar, we kind of squashed things and started talking and things have been great ever since.

LRG: What do you mean by dirty old man?
Cat: He’s about 20 years older than me. This is a new venture for me. The only thing different is that he’s more sensitive than the younger guys I typically date. He is self-aware and he knows himself a lot better than a young kid who’s still learning how to treat a girl.

LRG: So acting like a juvenile and puking on yourself isn’t a good way into your pants?
Cat: Not at all. (laughs) But we’ve all been there so I can’t judge. I can drink and have a good time, but I’m not one of those stupid party girls that can’t handle themselves once they start drinking.

LRG: Well there goes the booze ’em and cruise ’em approach. So what’s the fastest way to get to know you?
Cat: It helps if you are funny and have a great personality. Don’t try and impress me. If we are at a bar, just come up and ask me if I want a drink or a shot. If I say yes then hang out with me. It shouldn’t be a big deal. Sometimes if I’m not feeling it, I’ll tell them to find me on Facebook and we’ll talk after that.

He just pulled off my pants and we started having fun.

LRG: Wow. You make them Google you?
Cat: Yea. (laughs) Better than giving a fake number right? I’m a very private person anyways. You’re going to have to work to get my attention.

LRG: Again with all this ‘work’. How long is this going to take?
Cat: Maybe the initial encounter talk to me. Then don’t hit me up or text me right away. Give it a couple of days and say ‘How are you?’.

LRG: OK I don’t think I’m being clear enough. How long before we hit the sheets?
Cat: That takes a little while. It really depends if I’m feeling you or not. If I don’t have that initial instantaneous attraction it’ll take a little while. Otherwise it’ll take a week or two.

LRG: Blah blah blah. So is there a pot of gold at the end of ‘duh rainbow or nothing but trolls once you’re in the sack’?
Cat: I’m crazy and adventurous. I’ll try anything once. I love role-playing. I love trying new positions. I’m open for anything except a threesome. I’m the jealous type. I don’t like to share my toys.

LRG: So what’s the craziest thing you’ve done with a guy?
Cat: Me and the guy I’m seeing now went to the movies. He just pulled off my pants and we started having fun. I was hoping an usher wouldn’t walk in and see us. Although that would be kind of hot. It was a quickie but it was still enough.