Makeup: Sara Lander
Wardrobe: Kandy Shop Bikins

Website/Social Sites:,
Age: 21
Height: 5’8”
Measurements: 32B-25-37
Hometown: Curitiba, Brazil
Ethnicity: Brazil
Occupation: Fine Arts Student/Model

LRG: Lets see here, I was scoping out your Model Mayhem and I see you have only been in the U.S. for a little over two years.
Carol: Yes.

LRG: Why did you choose L.A. to lay your head down and grow some roots?
Carol: I came here to go to school, for fine art, and I plan on moving back to Brazil or go to Italy for a little while.

LRG: Uh, not sure if you’ve noticed but L.A. doesn’t exactly have the best schools. Oh well, good luck on that. So what’s one of the first things you did when you got here?
Carol: I went clubbing. I like to go clubbing. I used to go to raves back in Brazil.

LRG: Looks like you really came here to party! So what happened that night?
Carol: I had a lot of fun and met my current boyfriend there. We drank, smoked and had a great time.

I like exotic looking guys with tattoos and a rough beard.

LRG: Wait a minute. You met your current boyfriend right when you first got here? Wow, this dude moves quick. Looks like he took you off the market and snatched you right up before anybody else even got a chance to try out the imported goods!
Carol: (laughs)

LRG: If you weren’t attached at the hip with your dude, what do you look for in a guy?
Carol: Someone who is passionate about what they do. He can be a plumber or an actor as long as he’s happy with what he does. I like exotic looking guys with tattoos and a rough “one-day” beard. That’s sexy to me.

LRG: So a guy can be a broke plumber but as long as he’s passionate about it that’s ok with you?
Carol: Yes, but with ambition and doing it well.

LRG: A plumber who does it well will always be in demand, at least by lonely housewives. anyhow, looks like you’re pretty easy on the wallet. How do you treat your boyfriends?
Carol: Now I treat them good.

LRG: Now? Uh oh, do we have a crazy, deranged girlfriend on our hands here?
Carol: Well, I used to be mean to this guy in Brazil. I used to mistreat him because I knew he was head over heels for me and I thought I could take advantage of him and abuse him. I enjoyed seeing him suffer when I yelled at him and made him jealous. I actually broke his arm at one point.

LRG: Oh snap! You broke his freakin’ arm. Damn girl!
Carol: Yes, but I have learned how to be a better girlfriend now, but unfortunately he had to suffer in order for that to happen. (laughs)

LRG: Orale, you are one badass b*#@! You better believe Imma hit you up if I’m ever gonna throw down with some vatos. And you better answer! Please. Looks like we have come to the end of our trip down “girlfriend from hell lane.” Just kidding Carol, don’t go wanting to BREAK MY ARM now.