Make-Up: Liza Macawili
Management Contact:
Car: 1994 Cadillac Fleetwood
Car Owner: Luis “Speedy” Rodriguez
Car Club: High Class

Website/Social Sites:,,
Age: 27
Height: 5’4”
Measurements: 32D-26-32
Hometown: East Los Angeles, CA
Ethnicity: Mexican
Occupation: Actress/Model

LRG: How many adult films have you done?
Daisy: In my career of nine years I’ve done about 200 films. I stopped shooting adult films in 2008 and now I just do appearances and magazine print work. I’m also trying to go mainstream and hopefully be cast in the next big movie.

LRG: Does being an adult star help or hurt you when it comes to mainstream work?
Daisy: It does both. I’ve taken a break to let it simmer down before I take a leap into mainstream but I can’t shy away from it because it’s always going to be there. It’s a lot of disappointment sometimes when you go to a casting and they know who you are and you don’t get the part. It can be discouraging. It’s almost like starting over again. I feel like I’ve worked so hard for my name and now it’s like I have to start all over in a new kind of industry. Everyone has such a stereotype of the adult industry. You’re always trying to prove yourself. I still want to make it. With the right people helping me I’m sure I’ll get the parts. It’s all worth it in the end.

LRG: Why did you want to shoot for Lowrider Girls?
Daisy: I’ve always wanted to shoot for Lowrider Girls and , I just never was able to make the right connections. It’s a magazine I always used to look at growing up. My father owned a boxing gym that had a bunch of guys with lowriders. It was always around. I can’t believe you guys took so long to shoot me (laughs).

LRG: Do you have a pretty big fan base already? How do you try and keep them happy?
Daisy: I try and keep up with my fans as much as possible. I also do a lot of appearances. Even though I’m not shooting, it keeps them informed of what I am doing. I post updates on Twitter on a daily basis.

LRG: Where would be the best place to meet you on a personal level?
Daisy: I have to choose you. You can’t choose me. The guy has to be good looking, but I’m not too picky. I don’t like short guys though and I don’t like young guys. I’ve only dated one guy my age and it didn’t work out. I like men 12-15 years older than me.

LRG: Why is that?
Daisy: Less BS. There’s still BS, just less of it. They are real men who know what they want and most of them have their life on track. I feel I’m more mature than my age. I need someone that can be on my level.

LRG: So where would you meet a potential man?
Daisy: I met guys at some of the most random places. I don’t meet guys at a club. I don’t even give them the time of day. I met a guy hiking once. He ended up being a stalker weirdo though. Don’t ever approach me at the gym and I hate when guys come up and tap you. I have my earphones on for a reason. Also, I hate pick up lines. I get the worst of them.

It was the biggest orgasm I have ever had. It was like a river that kept flowing and flowing and I didn’t want it to stop.

LRG: What’s the worst one you’ve heard?
Daisy: ‘Hey you dropped something.’ I didn’t drop anything. He was just trying to make conversation. That was so stupid I almost punched the guy. You just have to have swagger and confidence. If you have confidence and be calm and collective when you meet someone and not let a woman’s beauty affect the way you talk to them, you’re good. Most guys get too nervous and stumble over their own words and make fools out themselves.

LRG: If all else fails what about the old whistle and click?
Daisy: No! I hate that. It reminds me of the gardeners that grew up on my block. It’s so annoying. I hate that “eh”. I’m sounding like such a bitch right now. (laughs)

LRG: So is it a sprint or a marathon to get you in the sack once a guy passes the screening process?
Daisy: It depends. I’ve met a guy and on the first day took him home and rocked his world. He hasn’t left my side since. (laughs) I said ‘You! Come here! You’re going home with me!’ I literally snatched him up. I saw him at a concert and waved at him. He acted like he didn’t see me and tilted his hat down. So I waved again. At that point I was tipsy and was like, if you’re not going to say hi to me then I’m going to say hi to you. I’m the type if I want something I’m going to get it.

LRG: What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done sexually?
Daisy: I squirted for the first time. I didn’t know I could do that. It was the biggest orgasm I have ever had. It was like a river that kept flowing and flowing and I didn’t want it to stop. I just knew it felt good. I was like ‘Wow I have a spot I didn’t know I had.’

LRG: Do you like girls too?
Daisy: I do. Before I lost my virginity to a guy I was with a girl. I definitely like men more. But I love women and their beauty. I’m like a guy when I see a hot chick walking down the street.

LRG: What’s the strangest shoot you’ve ever been on?
Daisy: I had to beat up this fat guy. He liked to be degraded. He wanted me to throw food at him and call him a disgusting fat bastard and kick him in his balls. He got off on it and I walked off set. I’m not a mean person so I couldn’t do it. It’s not in my nature.

LRG: Any thank yous or shootouts?
Daisy: I want to thank Jonathan with Warren & Baram Management and my amazing photographer. I forget what his name is. (laughs) He’s aright. And my make up artist for making me look beautiful.