Jerusha Tuart – Lowrider Girls Model

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Age: 27

Height: 5’8”

Hometown: Brisbane, Australia

Ethnicity: Mother, Papua New Guinea, Father: Australian

Occupation: hold two Bachelor degrees in Business with three majors. I specialize in Internet marketing and promotion, but right now taking a break to model for the next few years.

LRG: For the geologically challenged where is Papua New Guinea exactly?

Jerusha: Papua New Guinea is located just north of Australia. You could call it a Melanesian population that is a weird mix of the Philippines and the South Pacific.

LRG: You seem to be quite the mix of brains and beauty in the body of a world traveler? What made you want to stop being a brainiac and step into the world of men’s magazines?

Jerusha: I think in some ways modeling has a time stamp on it and I’d like to live that part of my life now.

LRG: Do only smart guys have a chance or do you go for the dumb as rocks ones too?

Jerusha: I don’t necessarily think academics or intelligence has much to do with being ‘dumb’. I’ve met a lot of awful people who are very intelligent, and I’ve met some truly good people who haven’t got a qualification to their name. I think it’s all about having a good strength of character and not being a jackass.

LRG: What about a shaved head and tattoos. Does that help? So where and when is the best place to approach you?

Jerusha: I never judge a book by its cover. I’ve learned that much. I love pool and beach parties. It’s so much more relaxed than a club, but more social than just sidling up to someone at a bar and enduring an awkward conversation. Water, sand, drinks, sunshine, and friends make an easy place to meet me at!

LRG: So you’re sitting beach side, a guy should sweep up next to you and say “Ay Mami’ was-sap-pan-ing?” Would that work? Once you’re interested in a guy what’s the next step? You’re a world traveler so he doesn’t have a lot of time.

Jerusha: That’s it! Travelling and having limited time cuts a lot of the crap out. It either works or it doesn’t. I either really like you or I don’t.

LRG: So once you’re in, where should he take you to fast track the dating process? A seedy bar? A fancy club? Or maybe just a quick ride in his car?

Jerusha: I love food and going out to dinner. So unfortunately you’re going to have to pick me up, open the door, pull out the chair for me at dinner, and be a gentleman in general.

LRG: How many dates? Does it count if they back out the driveway and drive back in? So you’re not that easy, got it. What about booze? Does it help or hurt the ‘dating’ process?

Jerusha: Well not too much booze, and it’s really just a one-night stand with glitter on it, you know? I think a few glasses with dinner helps a lot. Just know you’re limits. Having to help you throw up and hailing you a taxi home isn’t my kind of fun!

LRG: Are you a mortician or a magician in the sheets?

Jerusha: Magician! I’m a sexier version of Harry Potter if you will! (Laughs)

LRG: What does that mean? You like using wands? We need details!

Jerusha: Hey! I’m not selling my steak before the sizzle if you know what I mean. (Laughs). But I think creativity, passion and just the right mix between two people goes a long way.

LRG: Threesome?

Jerusha: Nope. Two things I don’t share, my money and my men! (Laughs)

LRG: I guess a joint checking account is out of the question then.

LRG: Handcuffs?

Jerusha: Yes officer!

LRG: Cops! Where? Oh you scared me.

LRG: Role play?

Jerusha: Eh… I wouldn’t say my acting skills are that up to scratch.

LRG: Costumes?

Jerusha: Yes, but in saying that, I’ve heard of some weird fetishes, so if your version of costumes is wearing a diaper, then I’m out! (Laughs)

LRG: I have to ask, do you shake what you momma or the surgeon gave you?

Jerusha: Oh my butt is as real as they get! Since I’ve been in the states my girls have been showing me how to booty pop. I’ve lifted my game now! (Laughs)