Make-Up: Liza Macawili
Wardrobe: Kandy Shop Bikinis

Age: 21
Height: 5’5”
Hometown: London, England
Ethnicity: White British
Occupation: Music Video Dancer/Promotion Model

LRG: What brought both of you to the U.S.?
Howe: We wanted to fulfill our career further and pursue opportunities that we couldn’t do back home like music videos and acting in film and television.

LRG: What music videos can we see you in?
Howe: We just shot for Snoop Dog and Wiz Khalifa’s new video which we both had parts in. We’ve done videos for 50 Cent, Bone Thugs-n-Harmony and others. We shoot consistently so there’s always something new.

LRG: What made two birds from across the pond want to be in Lowrider Girls?
Howe: We wanted to be in the magazine because it was such a Cali magazine. It’s so unique to this area and so different. There’s nothing like it where we are from. That’s what made us drawn to it.

LRG: Do you shoot a lot with your sister (Carla)?
Howe: Yes we shoot a lot together. We do individual stuff, but it’s always better together. With one person, it’s good energy but together it’s more powerful.

LRG: What is the first thing guys say when they approach you in a club?
Howe: They usually like “Wait a minute am I seeing double?” They usually chat up one of us, but our personalities are so different. We are both quite outgoing but my sister’s (Carla) is more likely to get drunk within minutes while I’m a bit crazier sober.

LRG: Where are you on the weekends?
Howe: We’ve been to Vegas a few times. It’s my number one choice. The parties are like no other and we like to party hard. We’ve woken up where we didn’t expect. There are good places in Hollywood too. On our 21st birthday we both ended up in the hospital from so many shots of Patron. Our friends had to carry us and we ended up in the emergency room. The photos are like from The Hangover and are quite interesting. They had a fashion show at the club where we were hosting and my sister fell off the stage and there were pictures of it all. I don’t remember any of it.

LRG: Do you ever date the same guy?
Howe: We don’t date the same guy, but typically a guy will approach my sister or me and have a friend or something. Sometimes guys will try and be sly and ask for both of our numbers but we will tell each other right away.

LRG: How should a guy approach both of you?
Howe: Strike up a conversation. A cheesy chat line will just make us laugh and move on. Afterwards, try and take us someplace not too over the top, just not some seedy dive bar. If that’s the case, we know where he is going with it.

LRG: Any particular bad pick up lines?
Howe: One guy came up and said “I scraped my knee falling in love with you.”

LRG: How much does it to get you drunk?
Howe: If it’s mixed drink it takes a lot. If it’s Patron then it’s like two shots and I’m finished already. The next step after that is hit up a club. You want to keep the date light and keep it going. You can still have conversation at the club but if you both weren’t feeling each other then you have a great escape and can “accidently” get lost in the crowd.

LRG: Do people every try and emulate your accent?
Howe: Yeah. They will try and say they are from an area we know.

LRG: What do you think about Lowriders?
Howe: If someone ever passes me in one, I’d definitely want to stop him to see who’s driving in it. You don’t see them anywhere else. My favorites are the Chevrolet Impalas. I once saw one in blue that I would want.