Makeup: K. Bonita
Wardrobe: Kandy Shop Bikinis

Age: 26
Measurements: 34D-26-36
Height: 5’ Hometown: Houston, TX
Occupation: Interior Designer
Ethnicity: Mexican

LRG: Where can we find you on a typical weekend?
Sandy: I bartend on the side most weekends.

LRG: What kind of bar?
Sandy: It’s a country bar.

LRG: Does that mean you like cowboys?
Sandy: Duh… of course!

LRG: Are bartenders hard to pick up on? Why?
Sandy: Being a bartender you hear it and see it all. Guys have to work a little bit harder.

LRG: What advice do you give to asking out a bartender?
Sandy: If you can carry on a good conversation, that’s more attractive to me more than a pick up line.

LRG: What about the drunk guy trying to pick you up?
Sandy: Not attractive.

LRG: Where do you meet your men?
Sandy: At the gym mostly.

LRG: How can a guy approach you at the gym?
Sandy: It starts with small talk here and there. Slowly it ends up going from a friendship to hanging out.

LRG: Then where should he take you?
Sandy: I like wine bars. I like low-key places where we can actually carry a conversation. I’m not really a clubbing person.

LRG: How many drinks does it take to get you drunk? I need numbers.
Sandy: When it comes to wine, maybe two or three glasses. When it comes to shots and beer, I can hang.

LRG: Let’s get this plan straight. Take you to a wine bar; feed you a couple of glasses of hooch and you start feeling tipsy. How do we get to the next level?
Sandy: I get a little bit lovey-dovey by this point.

LRG: Does that mean you’re easy?
Sandy: No!

LRG: At this point, what does it take to get you home?
Sandy: They have to work for it!

LRG: What does ‘work for it’ mean exactly, two dates? Three dates?
Sandy: It just has to be the right moment. There’s no rulebook. I have hooked up with a guy after the first night but there are not a set number of dates.

LRG: What did he do right?
Sandy: We played beer pong.

LRG: He got you trashed on beer pong? Line up the cups!
Sandy: Not like that. We grew up together. I knew him since I was like five.

LRG: How are you in bed once the work is done? Do you make it worth the effort?
Sandy: I like sex all the time. I like good morning and good night sex. Oh and the random throughout the night sex. I’ve been known to like sex more than the average guy. Is that bad?

LRG: Do you like females as well?
Sandy: No, but I did have an experience recently. It was with my ex-boyfriend’s cousin. My ex didn’t like me hanging out with her. We were gym buddies and a few times we went out to the bar. We kept hanging out even after me and my ex broke up. One night, we met up and ended up being lovey-dovey and making out in the bathroom. I took her home that night and the next morning…

LRG: Woah, woah, woah… Stop. Stop. What does lovey-dovey mean? Please define in detail.
Sandy: She was kissing me; I was kissing her. You know typical girl on girl stuff.

LRG: What is typical girl on girl stuff?
Sandy: She did stuff to me and I did stuff to her.

LRG: What is stuff?
Sandy: Hahaha…

LRG: Is that the boundary of questions?
Sandy: Yeah, we’ll leave it there.