Make-Up: Liza Macawili
Wardrobe: Kandy Shop Bikinis

Age: 20
Measurements: 36-24-36
Height: 5’7”
Hometown: Curitiba, Parana, Brazil
Occupation: Model
Ethnicity: Brazilian

LRG: How did you end up in the U.S.?
K.C.: My mom and I went to Disneyland and ended up staying.

LRG: What have you been doing since you moved here?
K.C.: I’ve been modeling and going to shows.

LRG: What ethnicity do people think you are?
K.C.: When my hair is blonde they think I’m white. A lot of people think I’m Asian, White and Mexican. They always say I’m different. What that means I don’t know.

LRG: Is there anything you miss from back home?
K.C.: Whenever you wanted to party there was A party. Even though the parties are huge, everyone ends up at the same place.

LRG: What’s the biggest difference between Brazil and here?
K.C.: Over there, people are super friendly. They are more outgoing where here people are more reserved. Here people keep to themselves until they get to know you. I like them both in their own way.

LRG: What’s your favorite type of guy?
K.C.: I like Latin men. The men over there are sexy and exotic looking. If they are good looking they aren’t stuck up and don’t act like the pimp-pimp player. They treat the women like they are princesses.

LRG: Is that how you want to be treated?
K.C.: I want a guy to treat me like he’s the guy and I’m the girl. I will give him love and everything he needs but he has to take care of me like a man is supposed to.

LRG: How should a guy approach you?
K.C.: Definitely not with the little dog moves where they act like you’re an animal. It has to be in a respectful manner. Don’t do cheesy pick up lines. That never works.

LRG: So you don’t like the click click whistle move?
K.C.: I hate whistle clicks. I also hate little comments like “Hey sexy.” or “Hey Mama.” I’m not your Mama. I also hate whey the go “Eh! Eh!” I’m not the letter of the alphabet. I answer back with “B. C. Want me to continue?”

LRG: How should a guy take you out on a date?
K.C.: Don’t ask me what I want to do. That’s irritating. I want you to have something planned out. Just say “Get ready and look cute because we are going to go out.”

LRG: What type of guy do you normally go for?
K.C.: Everyone is sexy in his or her own way. You just have to be able to carry yourself. There are sexy bad boys but there are also sexy nice guys. Make me like you as much as you like yourself.

LRG: What do you like about Lowriders?
K.C.: I love Lowriders. I like bombs the best with a really badass guy cruising down the highway like “yeah I’m the sh*t.” I like that you can take and old car and make it look better than a brand new one.