Candy Ace – Lowrider Girls Model

Makeup: Liza Macawili

Wardrobe: Kandy Shop Bikinis



Age: 27

Measurements: 34-32-34

Height: 5’3”

Hometown: Anaheim, CA

Ethnicity: Native America, German, Dutch and French

Occupation: Bartender aka graduated student who can’t take a pay cut

LRG: How can a guy pick up on you when you’re slanging booze?

Candy: I would say be the nice customer. I hate it when guys are too much full throttle. Don’t cattle call at me like “Hey Momma.” I don’t even have kids yet. Realize that I’m working. I’m not at the club trying to find ass. I’m old fashion. I like nice guys.

LRG: Really? You’re the one percent of girls that truly likes a nice guy?

Candy: I swear I like nice guys. I’d pick a Geek Squad guy from Best Buy over a bad boy. I know every guy deep down is a sweetheart. They just put up a front. Be the man your mom raised you to be.

LRG: So you look for a man at the electronic store?

Candy: That’s where you can find your next baby’s daddy. They are already Internet savvy. He might have a helmet and jacket in his locker and pull out on a sick ass motorcycle. Never judge a book by a cover.

LRG: When you are shopping for ass, what’s the best way to put items up for bid?

Candy: Be nice and don’t go grabbing my butt or telling me my boobs look good. I know my boobs look good. I bought them. (Laughs). Be a gentleman. There’s a way to tell a girl she looks good without sounding like a rapper on the radio. Don’t say “Hey little momma, shortie.” No! Say, “I noticed you’re the prettiest girl in the club.” Figure out something clever to say beforehand. Go on Google if you have to. If you know you’re going to talk to a girl have something lined up before you speak. We all know what you want. If a girl’s going to do the nasty on the first date, she’s going to, but I think you’ll be more successful if you approach her in a respectful way. No guy approaches girls in a respectful way. Now you know the secret.

LRG: Did we just have a security break of girl code by letting loose the secret on how to get a girl?

Candy: I think I totally violated girl code. We all secretly want a nice guy that’s not going to play games with us.

LRG: That sounds like a lot of work. I’m just saying.

Candy: It’s totally a lot of work but girls are a lot of work! We want to be told were beautiful. We want you notice when we go out and buy a new dress. Even if it isn’t how you really feel, the way you approach a woman is important. The first impression is the biggest impression.

LRG: OK, so a guy finally bullshits, I mean, says all the right things to earn a date. Where should we go? Is there more to the process or can we just get down and dirty?

Candy: Think outside of the box. At a movie you can’t talk and get to know someone. People say Sushi is good for a first dinner because it’s small. Yea right. Have you ever tried to put a whole roll of sushi in your mouth? Go to a bar. Alcohol eases the situation. If you know your going to do him on the first night, you know you are going to do him on the first night. Judging by the way they dress or the car they drive is lame. Anyone can spend a whole paycheck on one night.

LRG: Do you think you were perhaps born in the wrong era?

Candy: Everyone says, “oh she’s pretty but she’s boring.” F*&^ you! I’m not boring! I’m just old school.