Make-up & Hair: Kim Bui
Location: 9021 Melrose Ave, Suite 202, West Hollywood, CA 90069
Jewelry Provided By: Jeni

Girls: What’s your favorite type of movie?
Monique: Action, and the occasional Disney movies (smile).

Girls: What is your favorite pet?
Monique: My super handsome “son” Bronx! He’s a Mini-Pincher, and I love my other 2 dogs as well. Max “Wombat” (also a Mini-Pincher), and Nugget, she’s a Chihuahua mix.

Girls: Do you like toys in the bedroom?
Monique: Ummm, no comment.

Girls: Have you ever included food during sex?
Monique: Not that I can recall, I’ve been told I’m like a guy (laughing)-the not remembering thing.

Girls: What do you love about modeling?
Monique: As cliché as it may sound, I have made some of my best friends while modeling (shout out to my family at Hustler apparel, Ashley, Nikita-you all are so awesome and I love you), of course I love the traveling aspect, and having my expenses paid.

Girls: What’s your favorite position?
Monique: I think Ciara’s song “Ride” sums that one up (laughing).

Girls: What are your plans for the future?
Monique: I’m actually close to earning my degree in Broadcast and Communications, so I’d LOVE to work for ESPN as a broadcaster. If not that, I’d pursue a career in law enforcement.


Age: Twenty-something
Measurements: 32(natural!) C- 24-34
Height: 5’1”
Hometown: Ontario/Montclair, CA
Occupation: Professional Hustler!
I’m a spokesmodel for Hustler apparel, go-go on the weekends (when I’m home),
a ring girl for King of The Cage, I bartend/manage at Hooters, and I’m a student.
Ethnicity: Exotic Blend of Mexican, Italian and a few other things …
Twitter: @MoniqueMyriah
Favorite Quote: “Think Blue Bit*hes, I’m kinda a big deal”