Yuki – Lowrider Girls Model

Interview By: Armando Garcia

Make-Up: Kim Bui

Wardrobe: Bikinis Provided By Kandy-Shop

Girls: At first glance I thought you were Filipino. Is my assumption correct?

Yuki: (Giggles) No, actually I am Japanese. Some people might think so because my complexion is not to common for a Japanese girl.

Girls: What is the biggest difference you see between the girls here in the states versus the girls in Japan?

Yuki: The girls here are more wild and open-minded.

Girls: What is your favorite thing to do in Japan?

Yuki: Go shopping.

Girls: Hmmm. Let me guess, your favorite thing to do here in the states would have to be…shopping. Correct?

Yuki: Yes, I like shopping everywhere. This is my favorite thing to do.

Girls: Where do you lay your head down out at the end of the night?

Yuki: Redondo Beach, CA.

Girls: What does a beautiful girl like yourself do for a living?

Yuki: I’m a stripper.

Girls: So you’re a stripper?

What do you like about working in a dance club?

Yuki: Meeting new people and watching naked girls dance. It’s fun for me to watch them.

Girls: What kind of car do you own?

Yuki: I don’t at the moment, I recently got into an accident, my sixth one! I’m an Asian driver so be careful and don’t park next to me. (Laughs)

Girls: Wow, six accidents. Watch out for you and cars!

Yuki: Actually, me and cars get along fine. I actually like having sex in cars, its my favorite place to do it.

Girls: Now that we are on the subject, have you ever had a threesome?

Yuki: No, but I have watched my friend have sex.

Girls: Your friend, so how was that for you?

Yuki: To be honest, I thought it was very interesting.

Girls: Interesting, that’s a good way to describe it. So what turns Yuki on in the bedroom?

Yuki: A guy who smells good and talks dirty to me.

Girls: Okay, well I think we should stop there before this goes too far. So what would you like to tell the readers of LRG?

Yuki: Everyone should visit Japan once in their life. It’s a beautiful place.

Girls: Thank you Yuki for your time.

Yuki: I would like to thank Lowrider Girls for this opportunity.