Interview By: Armando Garcia
Make-Up: Kim Bui
Wardrobe: Bikinis Provided By Kandy-Shop
Location: top stitch @ 2211 Loma Ave, South El Monte, CA 91733

Girls: What does a pretty girl like you do to pay the rent?
Sylvia: I go-go dance by night and by day I work as a Behavior Therapists. I work with Autistic children.

Girls: Wow, two very different types of careers?
Sylvia: Ya, I get told that a lot.

Girls: How did you stumble upon modeling?
Sylvia: Well, I did a few nightclub flyers, and did some go-go dancing, and from there it escalated.Age:  26<BR> Measurements: 34-26-36<BR>
Height:  5'5<BR>  Weight:  120  <BR>Hometown: Alhambra, California

Girls: When you get the urge to just kick back and relax, where do you set the navigation to?
Sylvia: The beach, to go tan.

Girls: Do you like to tan nude, topless or in a bikini?
Sylvia: I would tan topless if I could, or maybe go to a nude beach… but I hear that most of the people there have awful bodies, and I don’t think that would be to enjoyable to see.

Girls: Looks like you have a bit of a wild side to you. Can you tell us something wild you’ve done that no one knows? A world exclusive if you will.
Sylvia: Well, that I have had a threesome before! Actually more than once, it was with my boyfriend and a girlfriend that I knew.

Girls: Really! Can you elaborate on that night?
Sylvia: We went out to drink, came back to the hotel room and got down to business!

Girls: Biggest turn-ons in the bedroom?
Sylvia: In the bedroom I like anything that has flavors, whether it be edibles, lotions or food.

Girls: How do people contact you for a booking?
Sylvia: You can contact me at