Makeup & Hair: Kim Bui,

LRM: What is your ethnicity?

Sheila: I’m half Vietnamese and half Caucasian.

LRM: Do you do anything else besides modeling? Do you have a career or is modeling your main focus right now?

Sheila: I own and started-up an Engineering consulting firm that specializes in embedded wireless design. In addition, I have a background in Human esources Management. I was a recruiter for the Hi-Tech/Biotech fields, and supported renowned CEO’s in San Diego as their Executive Assistant.

LRM: What made you decide that you wanted to model?

Sheila: I have always been told that I should give modeling a shot, so I said to myself why not. Once I started, several gigs quickly lined up such as music videos and online magazine print work.

LRM: What are some of your hobbies?

Sheila: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to dance. I grew up dancing and participated in All-Star cheer squads, gymnastics, and was a competitive Polynesian dancer. In my spare time I take hip hop and salsa classes which includes a combination of Afro-Cuban, bachata and Latin dancing. I’m currently putting together a GOGO dance group that will provide a different flavor for the night club scene…so WATCH OUT! On a side note, I’m a geek at heart, as I possess a B.S. Business Degree from SDSU and love learning about the latest technology!

LRM: Do you date a lot? If so what type of men do you like?

Sheila: I’m not extremely active in the dating scene; however, I absolutely adore a man who is accomplished, smart, witty, humorous, and displays common sense…anything additional is a bonus.

LRM: Are you single or in a relationship?

Sheila: Single…so let’s mingle! (Smiling)