Luscious D from the Flavor of Love 3 gives us a little flavor of what the D is all about…

LRG: Since you are from the “D” a.k.a. Detroit, what is the difference between L.A. men and Detroit men?
LD: Honestly that’s a bit hard to answer, because I’ve only been to L.A. twice, and it was for work both times. So, I’ve only been out on the town twice, and have not had a fair opportunity to meet a lot of people. But, the thing that I did notice is that a lot of the guys in Hollywood are “Metro-sexual” though. The men are all dressed to the nines from what I saw. They are put together from top to bottom. I also noticed that they roll in two’s, there’s the main man and his wingman… (Laughing) The men in the “D” are different. When it comes to their appearance they are much more laid back, not as much effort put in, and you don’t see all the “man grooming” here in MI like you would in L.A. Jeans and T-shirts is all you see. I’ve been lucky enough to travel around seeing different cities, and meeting unique new men, and I can tell you the one thing they all have in common…sex on the brain always! Never changes. (Laughing )

LRG: Are girls nicer in L.A. or Detroit?
LD: Don’t matter if it’s Detroit, L.A., or any where else, even if you’re bangin’ hot or not, we are all bitches. Can I say that? Don’t get me wrong, there are some women who are both beautiful inside and out, but bottom line women are just bitches!

LRG: What do you do in the winter to keep warm in Detroit?
LD: Since I love to be able to prance around and look cute, but still stay warm, I love my booty shorts and a beater, but I gotta bust out my Uggs, a heated blanket, and a scarf to keep me warm. But when it comes to Michigan’s tremendous winters, no question, I HATE THEM! I’m a sun bunny. Would love to be able to live in a bikini all year round. The less clothing the better. I just moved into a new house, so this winter I will be enjoying my hot tub on the balcony, or a hot steamy bath in my Jacuzzi tub relaxing and flipping through Lowrider of course! Other days I will be curled up in a blanket in front of the fireplace with my dogs.

LRG: What made you decide to be on Flavor of love 3?
LD: Well, I thought it would be a great opportunity. I was a huge fan of Seasons One and Two, and am so intrigued by Flav. I really wanted the chance to meet him and see if he in real life was as crazy as he seemed on T.V…and what you see of him is what you get! It was an overall an amazing experience and I was glad tobe a part of it.

LRG: Did you go on the show looking for love?
LD: No. My adventure was for the sole purpose of meeting him and seeing what he was about, and if anything create a friendship. So no, I didn’t go there just to be seen and hopes I would walk out famous. But I would be lying if I said I didn’t hope that it would help me further things like modeling my career. Of course I knew being on the show would help me get seen, so since the show I have gotten much more work and have met some really fantastic people. So, I’m on my way, this is just the beginning for me.

LRG: If you would of won, do you think you could have married flav?
LD: No and No! I can say from the heart that Flav is a very sweet individual and has the up most respect for women. He would be a prize for some lady out there, just not this one. He is far from a man I personally would like to spend the rest of my life with. He drinks and smokes too much. I dislike both. He hates dogs, and I’m such a huge animal lover to the point I’m a vegetarian. Flav loves his chicken, not saying that I couldn’t be with someone that eats meat, but they must have a love for animals. He’s a terrific man, but we’re two very different people.

LRG: What type of guys do you like?
LD: I don’t necessarily have a type. Something just has to catch my eye and grab my attention. I like a man with confidence, but not arrogance. Someone with a great sense of humor, and who can always makes me laugh. An individual that’s going somewhere with their life, and who has hopes and dreams of their own, and who can stand on their own two feet. I do have a thing for men with tattoos. Bottom line, they just gotta be funky with a style that is just fresh to death.

LRG: What turns you on?
LD: A respectful woman doesn’t kiss and tell. That’s for me to know and only a few to find out. But, I will share with you that Giorgio Armani cologne, makes me melt.

LRG: What do you do for a living?
LD: I bartend and model for a living. And love both jobs. Though, in the future I would love to just model and then down the road do make-up. I work five jobs, so I’m always on the go. I look at it like: I’m all women, hear me roar.